The Impromptu Q That Wanted to End at 0615

  • Workout Date - 04/26/2016
  • Q In Charge - Whoopee
  • The PAX - Soulplane (Respect), Amelia, SpongeBob, Inspector Gadget (Respect), Domer Simpson, Spackler, San Diago, Soup, Satisfry, Chitty Chitty Bang-Bang, Stewie, Phil Dunphy, 10-40, WeeMan, Debit (Kotters), Latka, Whoopee (YHC)
  • AO -

Last night, SpongeBob put out the call for Q’s on Twitter, so upon arriving YHC asked if anyone had taken the Q.

The response: “No, why don’t you take it?”

First thought: “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

Actual response: “Sure, why not?”

Now, YHC knows some people associate the down town parking decks with inclement weather and staying dry. YHC actually likes the multiple levels of stairs and the convenient inclines that facilitate all manners of fun, so why not…….an ESCALATOR!!!!!

But first, a little warmup:

SSH x 20
IW x 15 (YHC has little to no rhythm, but managed not to screw this one up)
Merkins x 15 IC
Mountain Climbers x 20 IC

At this point, YHC is starting to hear the beginnings of mid wife noises – pax must be sufficiently warmed up – let’s mosey to the Spring Street parking garage.


Escalator workout adding an additional exercise on each level of the parking garage – mosey in between levels or karaoke or run backwards

1st level 5xburpees
2nd level 5xburpees 10xMericans
3rd level 5xburpees 10xMericans 15xsquats
4th level 5xburpees 10xMericans 15xsquats 20xLBC’s
5th level 5xburpees 10xMericans 15xsquats 20xLBC’s 25xdouble count flutters
Upperdeck 5xburpees 10xMericans 15xsquats 20xLBC’s 25xdouble count flutters 30x air presses

Ahh, sodium lights and fresh air on the upper deck, only slightly tainted by the smell of urine – gotta love the parking deck, just stay out of the corners.

Note: YHC tried to call Moroccan nightclub on the 4th or 5th level, but then demonstrated shouldertaps #hazardsoftheimpromptuQ #tryingtobeniceon25reps #mumblechatter

Note Note: There has been a black bear sighting in YHC’s neighborhood in Easley, maybe that’s what prompted a bearcrawl from the upper deck down to the 5th level – #crowdpleaser

PAX then did some windmills to work off the bear crawl back buggers and then went back down the escalator repeating all the above, this time dropping exercises rather than adding during the descent.

When we reached the 1st level, YHC asks Spongee for a time check. “5:54, you are doing fine”

Here’s where a little drama was inadvertently added. See, YHC normally posts at the Keg and the ENDEX there is 0615. But at Main Thang, the ENDEX is 0600. So while YHC is dreaming up exercises to fill 21 minutes, the PAX are expecting a nice mosey and maybe some Mary back at the Peace Center to fill the next 6 minutes.

Which explains the very odd looks YHC received when he told everyone to sprint the stairs to the top of the parking deck. “All the way?” – “Yes, all the way!!”

Well, all PAX summit the upperdeck for the 2nd time this morning. YHC calls for a 10 count to keep from hyperventilating. Mosey back down to level 5 when Spongee says “Think we need to take the stairs down – we are a little short on time”.

That’s when it hits YHC that ENDEX is actually 0600.

So, a rather fast mosey back to Peace Center and time for about 45 seconds of boxcutters – time up.

Naked Moleskin

Today’s workout will teach SpongeBob to give YHC the Q on short notice….

SoulPlane (WD – respect) was killing it today #bonusreps

Started to flying EH a guy at ENDEX near Peace Center, but it was Debit – “I got here at 5:30” – it’s OK, you weren’t the only one having time issues today (see above)

Remember, sprinting the stairs at the end of the workout amps up your calorie burn the rest of the morning – YOU’RE WELCOME


SpongeBob Millinium Blue Falcon 1000 Suckfest/Deathdive May 14th 0700 – c’mon we want a T-shirt!!!!

Homes of Hopes Fundraiser Dinner and Auction May 26th RSVP by 4/28

Pushup Challenge Fundraiser for Laney Vinson (leukemia) June 4th at Mission Fitness in Pickens, SC


Praise for Domer Simpson’s 2.0 successful surgery all as planned yesterday
Prayers for Grim Reaper’s dad surgery this morning
Prayers for Whoopee’s mother-in-law overnight hospital stay for bad infection

5 for coffeeteria at the Starbuck’s – no smiles from the morning crew, we must’ve really been smelly.

As always an honor to lead the PAX – SYITG next time.

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