The Hips Don't Lie

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  • Workout Date - 01/28/2016
  • Q In Charge - ATM
  • The PAX - Easy Bake, Ponch, Whisper (respect!), Gymboree (respect!), FNG Ken Meiston f/k/a RG3, Soccer Mom, Look Out Below, The Commodore (respect!), Squid, Name Your Own Price Tool, Barney, Schnauzer, ATM (YHC)
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13 pax with 1 FNG were lured to the Tower of Terror on a balmy mid-30s morning with the promise from YHC of some new exercises.  With no pre-ruckers, you could tell the Greenville event is this weekend.  #tapering

Here is what went down:

Disclaimer/Mission of F3 for our FNG

Warm up – Smurf Jacks x 25 IC, Monkey Humpers x 15 IC

Mosey to the coupon pile and everyone get a CMU.  Cusak (blocks overhead) mosey across the road to the church parking lot.  Line up with your blocks next to the curb.

Round 1 – 30 seconds of work, 30 seconds of rest.  6 exercises.

  1. Block Swings
  2. The Hips Don’t Lie Merkins.  Bear crawl position and load back on legs so arms are straight and out in front.  Forward pushing into plank position while simultaneously performing a merkin.  Some call it a blast off pushup.  In F3, we will call it a Hips Don’t Lie Merkin.
  3. Goblet Squat
  4. Piston Pull.  Basically a two-handed FAST bent over row with the CMU
  5. Mountain Climbers
  6. Banana position (from superman/banana)

Suicides of about 175 meters total across the parking lot.

Round 2 – same exercises, but with 30 seconds of work and only 25 seconds rest.  Run the suicides.

Round 3 – same, but only 20 seconds of rest.  Run the suicides.  Somewhere during Round 3 @Squid decided to taunt YHC with a “Hey ATM, are you doing mountain climbers or smurf climbers?!”   YHC will blame it on trying to keep time, but it could have been a brief moment of #FEBA.  Either way, the last Banana position hold might have run a little long to punish us all!

Round 4 – same, but only 10 seconds of rest. #crowdpleaser and some questions about YHC’s ability to count “Hey you skipped 15 seconds rest.”  Yep, running short on time.

Return the blocks (Cusak of course!) and mosey back to the flags for Mary.

Mary –

  1. LBCs x 30 IC.
  2. The horrible ab exercise that needs to be named.  Starting position is on back with legs out and off ground 6 inches.  Arms palm to palm above head.  4-count exercise.  Count 1 is arms out like a cross, Count 2 is arms back palm to palm, Count 3 is crunch up lifting back off the ground, and Count 4 is back down.  We made it through 10 of these in cadence, but not before some #mumblechatter from @LookOutBelow about “feeling like I am being stabbed.”  These need a name, but they are a keeper for sure.
  3. Finish us with 25 BBSU OYO.

Moleskin – great work by everyone today.  These types of workouts (times and not reps) are what you make them.  They are easy to scale if needed, but you can control your own beating (to a slight degree).  From what YHC saw, all the pax worked hard.  It was good to have @Gymboree and @TheCommodore join us and @Gymboree brought our FNG Ken f/k/a RG3.  Good to have @Schnauzer from Charlotte visiting us today.  Dude is young and fast.

Annc – Drifter.  The Resolution for Men bible study starting soon.  Contact ATM.

P/P – @Tanneyhill foster children.  Van Evera family, Go Ruck guys this weekend, Greg Gibbons, @Ponch 2.3 coming this summer.

Always a pleasure men.  SYITG next time,


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