The Green Mile…the third

  • Workout Date - 01/05/2016
  • Q In Charge - Alfred
  • The PAX - Erector, Ricky Bobby, Blue Hawaii, Wally, Perry Mason, Tomahawk, Play-Doh, Amelia, First Date, Grrr, Biofreeze, Slick Willy, Footloose, Cockroach, Spring Break, Alfred
  • AO -

16 PAX denied old man winter his glory and posted at #TheStation in the 24 degree weather. YHC came in hot on two wheels and jogged up to a bigger than expected group. Assuming no one picked up the Q last night, YHC took the reins and lead the group out into the circle for a warm up.

Warm Up

Smurf Jacks x 10 IC
Merkins x 10 IC
Squats x 10 IC

The Thang

Start your watches and mosey with me. We departed The Station grounds and headed towards Memorial UMC stopping just before main street for plank work and merkins. One of Greer’s finest got a nice show and possibly considered a call for backup as 16 ski mask wearing weirdos moseyed across the street to Church St.

Line up for double applesauce indian run. There was some confusion here as to what “form two lines” meant. And we’re off down Church towards the Green Mile. We ran stopping a few times for more merkins, diamond merkins, LBCs. Grrr asked if YHC was trying to get rid of his soccer arms. Finally, we arrived at the “Green Mile” (a long green brick wall around city stadium).

The Green Mile

1 Minute wall sit – 10 Merkins
1 Minute wall sit – 10 Merkins – 20 Squats
1 Minute wall sit – 10 Merkins – 20 Squats – 30 LBCs
1 Minute wall sit – 10 Merkins – 20 Squats – 30 LBCs – 40 Flutter kicks
Burn out wall sit. Blue exclaimed his prideful moments were last year and bailed first followed shortly after by YHC and others. First date takes the W.

During our wall sits, we threw in some arm circles and air presses as well.

Mosey down the road until reaching the city stadium entrance. Partner up. Partner 1 does 10 merkins while partner 2 backpedals up the hill towards the station. Partner 1 then runs to tag partner 2 and switch. YHC has done this a few times but hadn’t considered it’s problematic nature until this morning when Footloose backpedaled over Amelia while he was doing merkins. Surprised this hasn’t happened before. YHC will have to rethink this one.

Line up for more double apple sauce indian runs back to the station. We stopped a couple of times for lunges, heels to heaven, and Rosalita. YHC guided the PAX the “long” way back to the station with 1 more stop at the bottom of Cannon St. Everyone plank across the road and at YHC’s call sprint to the first cross road.

Time’s up. Blue gave me a little hell for going over a minute or two.


It was very encouraging to see so many folks out in the cold. Thanks for coming out to support The Station. Everyone gave it their all. Tclaps to Slick Willy as YHC can see how much you’ve improved since you first started. Qing is a surefire way to avoid the fartsack. Enjoyed it gentlemen. Until next time.

Prayers & Announcements

  • Pray for Gabby M.
  • Pray for Erector with mole removal
  • Pray for Wally’s family dealing with cancer
  • Pray for Footloose recovery and wellness
  • Drifter 6k. (Snowden is apparently working on a discount)
  • Run Downtown 5k on 1/16
  • Swamp Rabbit Half on 2/27
  • Convergence workout with Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Easley, Greenville at Star Command on 1/23
  • 2nd F lunch at Wild Ace on 2nd and 4th Thursday each month. Grrr mentioned a short business devotion afterwards if anyone is interested.

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  1. Thanks, Alfred. I appreciate the encouraging comment, especially since I’ve only been back for 2 posts after being sick/lame/lazy for December. Great workout today and it’s an honor to workout with a great group of guys, even if I am the six more times than not.

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