The Grande Adventures of an Episodic Q, Episode I: The Many [painful] Deeds

  • Workout Date - 07/18/2016
  • Q In Charge - Tiny Dancer
  • The PAX - Mr. Burns, Brown Shorts, T-D (YHC), Seal, Keystone Whoopie, Steamer, Gluten, Abacus, LateForSupper, Carl's Junior, Red Wire
  • AO -



30x SSH, IC

20 Mexican Squats, with the proper information about the name (“there is no ‘jumping squat’, only the Mexican Squat”).


The Thang:


This began (as usual), with another uniquely creative idea for a painful workout.  It ended (as those there can testify), with a mutiny. #That’sthewayitshouldbe


YHC decided that everyone had to prove themselves worthy PAX.  Why?  Well, YHC have to have some grand, utterly contrived idea upon which to hang my episodic Q.  Yes indeed, a Q which is meant to take more than 45 minutes.


First, they had to accomplish many painful deeds.  We mosey’d on over to the Chariot, and loaded it with bricks.  With 2 men per one of the 6 handles, we picked it up and got going.


First deed: Carry the Chariot [gallantly] across the parking lot, to the opening of the potato masher. 20 Mexican squats. Crank ’em out!


Second deed: Face the Ring of Fire, with bricks and 6”.  20 brick curls at centre.  When done, carry chariot through Potato Masher and back to unload bricks.  It was here that the PAX mutinied, dropping the chariot for a rest brake 2/3rds of the way back, and YHC celebrated the fact that it was merely a mutiny, rather than a violent revolution.  It’s the little things in life.  Speaking of the little things, after that we enjoyed a few burpees, 30 to be precise, thanks to that flyover.


Third Deed: Climb the pyramid of death: 10 pull-ups, 20 Mexican squats, 30 burpees, then back down.  We headed to the picnic shelter and did our stuff.  20 Hand release burpees.  Ironically, this was meant to be one workout, but YHC still didn’t finish it, instead having to cut off before the fourth deed.  Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more to go next time!



Clown-Car Saturday for Star Command convergence (Troll!  This was posted too late for that.  Sorry! ):

Also Saturday, Doodle Trail Run.

Boomhauer’s Son and Step-Son are Seniors in high school.  Prayer for all three.

LateForSupper’s Friend, and Law Enforcement in General.

Whoopie’s Grandad’s 85th!

TPC’s and Revive’s Youth Camp!


NEXT TIME: Who the heck knows?  I’m not going to say.

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