The Good Ol' Imprompt-Q

  • Workout Date - 03/31/2015
  • Q In Charge - Pledge
  • The PAX - Electric City, Inspector Gadget, Denied, Latka, Wing Nut, Weed Wacker, Homeward Bound, FNG-Puddy (AJ Kramer), Iceman, Handy Manny, Washer, Scuba Steve
  • AO -

13 men showed up this morning to the Main Thang and realized pretty quick that we were going to go for a little run. Yep, it was the good ol’ imprompt Q led by YHC, so you know there was running somewhere along the line.


25 SSH in cadence

25 Imperial Walkers in cadence

The Thang

Indian run in a single file line to the parking deck at the Liberty Towers.

Modification of the Filthy 50 – at each landing, we did 25 reps of each exercise OYO. The exercises were decided on by the PAX as we went…interactivity was a hit!





Peter Parkers

Wall Sits at the Top


Fairy Jacks


Russian Twists

Mosey back to the PC in a single file line for another Indian run. But we made a quick pit-stop for 25 dips at the Suntrust building.


25 Flutters in cadence

6″ and hold

25 Chaser LBC’s in cadence


Awesome weather out there, fellas! It was great to get a good full-body beatdown in this morning, great work by the PAX. Not a lot of #mumblechatter though, must have been a good run???


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