The Golden Ratio

  • Workout Date - 10/27/2015
  • Q In Charge - Perry Mason
  • The PAX - Wally, iTunes, GRRR, Cockroach, Biofreeze, Dumbledore, Ricky Bobby, Perry Mason
  • AO -

8 men resisted the fartsack on this cold and damp morning for YHC’s anniversary Q.  We circle up on the amphitheater stage because the sprinklers on the lawn are on and its raining a bit.  The City apparently does not want us on the grass this morning, so I am happy to oblige.


SSH x 20

IW x 20

MC x 20

Main Thang

In planning the workout, YHC tried to think of a way to incorporate the anniversary theme into what we were going to do.  The problem is that 1 rep may make the PAX happy, but does not really work well for 45 minutes.  However, F3 is 4 years old, and I realized how many hellacious exercises we have using that magical ratio of 1:4.  So we do the following exercises in that vein:

Jack Webb x 6

Captain Thor x 6

Smurpee (™ pending by Iceman) – 1 burpee to 4 smurf jacks.  We only got to 5, as YHC was having trouble calling out the cadence by then.

Patches O’Houlihan (Lt. Dan on a hill) x 6

I promised Cockroach there would not be too much running this morning, but it was time for our only real mosey of the morning to MUMC.  We stop along the way for 25 LBCs to keep the formation together before gathering our coupons and heading to the parking lot.

We lunge walk to the first light post to do 14 (1 and 4, get it?) manmakers, lunge walk to the far curb for 14 curls, lunge walk back to the light post for 14 rows, and lunge walk back to the start for 14 overhead presses.  Once everyone was finished, we did two sets of 14 squats with our coupons.

Time to head back to the Station.  Along the way we stop to do 28 Russian Twists (multiple of 14).  The PAX point out that we only did 25 LBC’s earlier, so we go ahead and do 3 LBCs to keep everything in balance before resuming our mosey.  At this point, we got our only train of the morning, so 10 burpees and head to the shelter.

We finish out with 28 dips, 14 box jumps (“But I ain’t got no legs”), and 14 bench presses.  Time for Mary.


Boxcutters x 20

Erectors x 20

Heels to heaven x 20

Reverse crunches x 20

Freddie Mercury x 20


Prayers for Grrr’s almost 2 year old son, who broke his leg on Sunday.  Prayers and now praise for my 11 year old daughter’s broken wrists.  We found out between the workout and the BB that she does not need surgery and can use removable splints.  She has been pretty helpless the past 5 days, so this was definitely the best case outcome. Prayers for acquaintances dealing with anxiety attacks and seizures.

It was a pleasure to lead these men this morning, although my streak continues of having never had an FNG at one of my Qs.  I am grateful for the blessings F3 has brought into my life in the past year.  I now need to pay it forward and step up my EHing efforts so that other men can experience the same physical and spiritual growth going forward, both at my home AO and in supporting expansion efforts like the Dark Corner.  I look forward to seeing old and new brothers in the gloom.

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