The Ghost Flag is Safe

  • Workout Date - 10/03/2023
  • Q In Charge - Sushi
  • The PAX - Doughnut, Lookout Below, Macho Man, Big V, Butterbean, Special Order (FNG), Sushi
  • AO -

7 PAX including 1 FNG (Special Order) made it out to the Tower Of Terror to see if any other AO would come and try to capture the Ghost Flag.  It must be really scary in Simpsonville and YHC is beginning to think we should permanently install the Ghost Flag at TOT since it appears everyone is afraid of the Tower Of Terror.  Although FNG Special Order did spill some Merlot, he is still with us and promises to be at Golden Strip tomorrow.  Point is, he came out alive so there is nothing to fear except a great workout and an extra 5 minute drive.


25 SSH

25 IW

Run to second stop sign and back

Chorus Line X 25R, 25L

Closing Kick X 15R, 15L

The Thang

Indian Run to the Amphitheater

5X Box Jumps up, 50 Dips Down – Rinse and Repeat 3X

Mosey to the cones for synchronized suicides – 1st round regular, 2nd round Ape Walk

Jog around the parking lot to the railing for a quick pull-up hang and back to Amphitheater

20 Meerkat  pushups (a PAX favorite)

Walking merkins around the stage clockwise…no wait…counter clockwise.  Apparently YHC does not know how a clock works!

Back to the seating

5X box Jumps up, 25 Dips down – Rinse and repeat 2X

Mosey to cones for more suicides – 1st round right leg hop up, left leg hop back.  The PAX looked like they had some hops, so YHC decided to test their dribble and shooting skills. 2nd round dribble and jump shots.

Indian run back to the Tower for Mary

Flutters X 100

Hello Dolly X 100

Freddie Mercury X 100

Oblique V-ups X 25 Right, X25 Left

Russian twist till the end. Twist crown goes to Butterbean!

Moleskin & Announcements

Great Job Special Order on your first day with the PAX.  Don’t forget to sign up for the Mud Run.  Doughnut Dash is at Mauldin HS this Saturday Feb 28th.  Which AO has not had the Ghost Flag?  It is a great way to get others to come and see what you are about.  Big V volunteered to permanently install the Ghost Flag at the Tower of Terror with his concrete skills.  Maybe we should give it a couple of more weeks to be sure it has not found a permanent home.

Sushi – Out

Who ever read this…comment below on your most memorable F3 experience to date!

1 thought on “The Ghost Flag is Safe”

  1. Most memorable F3 experience was, by a mile, the Blue Ridge Relay. Not only was it extremely cool and scenic to run through the mountains, but #2ndF was incredible. Inside the van, we got to know each other really well. Then, along the way, we had the opportunity to meet and bump into pax from Raleigh, Charlotte, Columbia, etc. I’ve had several other good ones. My first post, my first post in Greenville, my first Q, but the BRR takes first prize. Hopefully I never miss one of those things.

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