The #Gauntlet returns to #PitchFork

  • Workout Date - 04/08/2017
  • Q In Charge - Floppy Disc
  • The PAX - Whisper (Respect), Soccer Mom, Washer, The Muff, Road Trip, Deflated (Respect), Floppy Disc (YHC)
  • AO -

YHC was struggling to escape the #Fartsack this Sat AM.  It was warm, it was seductive, it was trying to make sure that YHC missed his Q.  Fortunately, the covers were thrown back in the absolute latest nick of time, and YHC got dressed in #RecordTime, and came rolling hot on 2 wheels to the AO, barely avoiding #ApologyBurpees and #QProbation

While the Pax were waiting for YHC to arrive, they went ahead and did some SSH and Hillbillies to warm up, so rolling right along with the WU, everyone completes a set of BLIMPS OYO.

Now that we’re all warm, and waiting to go, let’s mosey to the track!

The Gauntlet

YHC had a very simple, devious, hard to blame someone else plan for this Q. It’s called the Gauntlet.

All the pax gathered at the track, and YHC set the time for 1 min.

  • Everyone is instructed to do merkins for 1 minute, good form, no modifying.  Keep track of your number
  • Do the same for BBSU
  • Do the same for Squats

Now that everyone knows what their numbers are, ranging from lows of 25 to highs of 45, the Gauntlet starts:

  • Do your number of merkins, and then bear crawl 10 steps around the track
  • Do your number of BBSU, and then crab walk 10 steps around the track.
  • Do your number of squats, and then run the rest of the lap around the track back to the start point.
  • At the end of the run, sweep the 6 or plank it up until everyone is back at the start
  • Rinse and repeat x4. #Crowdpleaser

4 laps were done of #TheGauntlet, so let’s leave the track and mosey over to the #Speedway

Thang 2 (Modified #TrailofTears)

  • At the speedway, the pax were instructed to line up head to toe in plank position at the start of the covered walkway
  • Pax at the end of the line, bear crawl to the front.  1 Merkin for all
  • Next pax bear crawls to the front, 2 merkins for all
  • Rinse and repeat until we get to the end of the walkway
  • #Omaha was called after everyone had gone once, 7 merkins total.
  • Mosey Jailbreak back to the flags.


Just enough time for a Mary-go-Round, so each pax gets 1 min, and calls out an exercise.  Went through flutters, rosalita, LBCs, Peter Parkers (sort of), and BBSU. Time was called, and we’re all done.


  • Mud run coming up on 5/20, get your teams together
  • #Jackalope is set for 6/3.
  • F3 Tough and Firearms day 6/10 and 6/9.  See Padre on FB to sign up.

Prayers for quick recovery for SB, incarceration of Andrew Brunson, and one or two others that YHC has forgotten. #Apologies

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