The Gate Mountain Day

  • Workout Date - 08/31/2015
  • Q In Charge - THE HARD HAT
  • The PAX - Floppy, Banjo, Uber, Noonan, Sprout, Slum Lord, Mustang Sally, THE HARD HAT
  • AO -

7 Men were standing in the parking lot when YHC came screaming in on two wheels. Mumble chatter about showing up on time to Q started but I did not have time for that. I yelled out mosey which had the PAX mumble chatter switch to what about warm up. I informed them that would happen along the way.

1st Stop was at the brick pile. Each PAX picks out two bricks which will be their friend for the next 45 minutes.

Our Mosey out was 1.1 miles. We stopped at all the street lights for pain stations. 20 Reps of various things such as merkins, squats, Romanian Dead Lifts, SSH (shoulder burn with brick), baby arm circles with bricks.

Arrive at our destination which is Dead Man’s Hill. Asked for a time check. Decided we have 25 minutes to run up the HILL with bricks as many time as we can. 20 merkins at bottom of the hill each time. I think most of us made it up the hill 8 times (160 merkins).

Ran back to The Gate 1.1 miles with a couple of pain station stops along the way. Got back two minutes late. Extra Credit in my eyes.

Great work on some BRR training. Wed Bible Study – The Valley, F3 Golf on Oct. 8th. Payers for Walker, Family in Car wreck yesterday, BRR Teams.

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