The Gate – Finally A BB From The Hard Hat

  • Workout Date - 05/11/2015
  • Q In Charge - The Hard Hat
  • The PAX - Banjo, Uber, Longbottom, Sugar Beech, PETA, Mustang Sally, Floppy, Annie Oakley, The Hard Hat
  • AO -

Sorry for my slackness. Posting BB is my one weakness. Now onto the BB. Weather conditions were perfect for a block work out which are my favorite.



30 Flutters DC IC

20 Three Count Hold Freddies IC

20 Werkins IC

The Thang

Mosey to the Block Pile. Partner up and each group gets a block. Mosey to front of church at bottom of the hill.

Dora 1 2 3

100 Merkins on the Block

200 Military Pressed

300 Curls for the Girls (YHC explained several time during this portion which way the beach was)

Plank O Rama while everyone finishes

Mosey with Blocks to other side of church.


m Groups of Three for

Three is a Crowd, One PAX sprints down thru parking lot under canopy while other two perform two different exercises with Blocks. Everyone rotates through is one set. 

1st Set – LBC’s with Block on Chest & Military Press

SSH while everyone finishes

2nd Set – Triceps Extension & Chest Press with Blocks

Jump Squats While Everyone Finishes

3rd Set – Block Raises & Merkins on block (across block)

Mosey to Bleachers at Softball Field

5 PAX perform exercises with Blocks while other 4 go up and over all the bleachers. Everyone rotates thru twice. More curls, military presses and Merkins. 

Put Blocks back and mosey to street for 30 second wind sprints. Did several rounds of this as our Mary. Almost Merlot by several including YHC. 


Prayers for Uber and his family as he leaves on a two week work trip to Europe

Jackolope this Sat. 

Longbottom heading to Bluffton to help their Launch

The Valley Bible Study on Wed at 11:30. 

The Hard Hat Out.

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