The Full MONTy

  • Workout Date - 12/11/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Quickie, Ghost Rider (WD), FNG James - Jingles, The Crow, Uncle Remus, Iceman, Spongebob
  • AO -

7 Men braved the finally cold temps to post the #ShovelFlag at #TheMont. @Quickie had one FNG in the headlock and he showed.

This was the last of the 6 week sponsored workouts so we decided to include a mini Q School.

The Thang:

Warmup – It’s cold, 28* so let’s mosey a bit. Over to the football field, down and back then circle up
SSH x20
IW x20 #TheForceHasAwakened
Time for some Q School talk
Silent count squats while I shared the Mission of F3
Then the guys take turns counting in cadence. @Crow is a natural

Line up on the goal line – every 10 yds we’ll do hand release merkins and lbc 2.0’s. Start with 5 reps, increasing by 5 til we hit the 50yd line, then back down. This was harder than I envisioned…#FEBA. Had to modify this slightly since it was dark and the frost covered up the lines. So we #eyeballed it…..
On the way back – little baby squat jumps and flutters

More Q School
Silent count squats while I shared the Core Principles of F3

Mosey to the side line for 12 Days of Christmas
1st day – 50 yd sprint to other sideline
2nd day – plank jacks
3rd day – freddy mercury’s
4th day – burpees
5th day – Merkins
6th day – lunges
7th day – lbc’s
8th day – smurfjacks

We we’re running out of time and still had a little Q School curriculum to cover

Last bit – talked about responsibilities of the Q and how the 3 F’s fit/work together.


Naked Moleskin:
– Great work today by everyone, including FNG James – Jingles
– The Mont is a great AO with lot’s to offer – fields, tracks, benches
– #Tclaps to @Spongebob for helping with Q School

– Gideon’s house workout and breakfast next Wed, 12/23
– Tommy’s Ham House 5k 12/24, entry fee is canned goods for the Triune Mercy Center

– @Quickie’s family
– @Spongebob’s work vendor
– @GhostRider’s Church mission trip

See ya in the gloom…


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