The Foundation: Video resources for Regions leading Third F

  • Workout Date - 12/11/2023
  • Q In Charge - Santini, Blackjack, Dredd, Jedi, & Dark Helmet
  • The PAX - Men who dare to go deep on topics that might scare the average sad clown
  • AO -


Over the last several months, several Pax across the Charlotte Regions (and some in SC too) have come together to build out a series called The Foundation.  This series was intended to help prompt discussion and topics that would help in developing High Impact Men as they seek to go deep into the Third F.

There have been 3 in the series at this point.  The first was on Accountability, the second on finding a life of significance in a world of success, and the third was developing high impact goals, D2X, and One Word to capture the essence of this work for the year.  We have plans to continue these on Topics (March 15) on Fatherhood, and another on Finances (April).  Basically, any topic that we can speak truth, honesty, and no BS into the lives of other men.

We chose to record these 2 and share them with you as a resource for you and your region.  If you are reading this you probably care about this already and wondering what you can do to get this rolling in your region.  Simple.  Do it.  We are just taking steps one session at a time.  Find the biggest, messy, scary topic about life, faith, and family and then go after it.  If you want more information on it, we are here to help.

Below are two links.  (A big special thanks to Dark Helmet and his video/recording prowess)  The first is recorded out of The Fort on a sleeting morning in February.  The Fort tackled the idea of Accountability with a group of nearly 50 men.  Stinger, Chicken Hawk, Rebel, Repeat, and Santini talked about Whetstone, accountability and how it looks in a Man’s life.


The second was recorded on January 26th at Christ Church.  Jedi, Santini, & Dredd walked men through HIM, D2X, and One Word.

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