The Final Countdown of PAIN

  • Workout Date - 01/16/2016
  • Q In Charge - Transporter
  • The PAX - Transporter, The Crow, Ghost rider, Tweaker, On The Way,Sir Mix It, iTry and FNG Flash (Steve A)
  • AO -

Well YHC is still DR from my son being in the hospital. Maybe I can get back in the gloom soon!




Mosey to the bleachers for Dips x10 mosey around the track for Partner Merkinsx10

Now the work begins!

The Thang

Round 1 Merkins

Start with 20 run 30 yards and do 19 back 30 yards and do 18 all the way down to 1

Round 2 Squats

20 run 30 yards back and forth down to 1

Round 3 LBCs

You get the picture! I bet someone was ready to spew the MERLOT after all those LBCs

Since nobody is left behind if you got finished first you helped the others finish

The Crow led a long lap around the track with Old Glory in hand! This might become a tradition at The MONT

Prayers and announcements

Prayers for Quickies 2.0 still in the hospital and his family SOS in Williamston for attendance. It is a great AO with a lot of potential

See ya in the GLOOM



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