The Farmer in The Burbs, The Farmer in The Burbs. Carrying the Cinder Blocks, the Farmer in The Burbs

  • Workout Date - 01/26/2015
  • Q In Charge - Radar
  • The PAX - Slap Chop, 00, Amelia, Stewart Smalley, No Strings Attached, Earthmover, Johnny 5, Large Marge, Glee, Plato, Molly Maid, Zip It, Blue Hawaii, Biofreeze, Wall-E, Ahhhhnold, Footloose, Golden Sombrero, Huge Nuts, Radar
  • AO -

Though the thermometer said 43 degrees, the wind made it feel much colder.  Despite the chill, 20 Pax came out for a shoulders/traps beatdown concocted after hearing Golden Sombrero say that he wanted to bulk up.  The only way to add muscle is to pick up heavy things and move them around.

Warm Up

SSH X 15 I.C.
Prisoner Squats X 10 I.C.
Merkins X 10 I.C.

The Thang

Mosey to the secret coupon hiding place to collect our blocks.  Everyone gets a block.  Due to the high numbers, YHC and 00 hand to scramble to find extra.

Blocks in hand, mosey to the soccer field and partner up for some four corners.

Partner 1
Corner 1 – 50 merkins
Corner 2 – 50 squats
Corner 3 – 10 Parasites (inchworms, or whatever you want to call them)
Corner 4 – 50 Flutters DC

Partner 2
Grab 2 blocks and farmer walk down and back the length of the soccer field until partner 1 finishes the 4 corners.

flapjack and repeato for 2 rounds

sprint the soccer field to the nice hill at the far end (why haven’t we been using this?)

Bent Ladder – (this prompted Blue Hawaii to ask why YHC was so angry, I’ll take that as a sign of a quality workout)
1 burpee at the bottom, Joe Hendricks up, 2 burpees at the top.
run down and continue to 7

Plank work by 00 while everyone finishes.

Backwards run to midfield and sprint to the end.

Mosey with blocks to their home.

Jailbreak to the circle for 1MOM


Leg Throw Dolly’s for 1 minute.


Mud Run 4.11.15 in Columbia.  Earthmover and Mab Mab have the Q.

Battle Frog next weekend in Columbia at Carolina Adventure World

Drifter – 2.7.15  Sign up if it’s not already closed

Shovel flag party at Footloose’s house.  Date TBD

Prayer Requests

Be thinking of ways that we can get involved in the community with a service project.  Mitchell Road, HOG day, etc.

Boss Hog is receiving a medal of valor for his actions during Tydre’s accident.  Though no award will be given, TClaps to our pax who were also involved in that incident (Johnny 5, Golden Sombrero, and others)

Wisdom for Footloose as he finds ways to speak to his former coworker.

Great work today gents, see you in the gloom.


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