The Epitome of Adult Recess

  • Workout Date - 10/03/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Earthmover (WD), Snowden, Iceman, Padre, Scuba Steve, Tricycle
  • AO -

6 men planted the shovel flag at #Legacy in crazy November weather. In doing so, we let Old Man Winter know he wasn’t scaring us off. We did, however, thank him for the snow (more on that later)…….

The Thang:

Mosey around the big loop and back to the picnic shelter (defacto home base for this workout). Once back we did:
SSH x25
IW x20
Merkins x10 IC
Oblique LBC’s x20

Modified Dora
We started the workout with 3 guys, so rather than split up we did the exercises and ran together.
Flutter press x100 (double count, with cinder block), 3 sets of 33, taking a lap after each set
**3 brave souls from the Spearhead group decided to join us. Now that we have more guys, we split into teams of 2. Traditional Dora – one person does the exercise while the other runs a lap
Squats x100 (with 35lb sand bag)
SSH x300 (with brick pavers) #sneakyhard

Short mosey down to the big loop….
Beast w/ Burpees – run around the track, stopping for burpees x10 at 3 locations around the loop

Back to the shelter for a COP
15 diamond merkins / 15 sumo squats
plank until all finished
15 larry craigs / 15 side lunges (each leg)
10 crab rolls / 10 reverse lunges (each leg)

With 10 mins left in the workout, I decided to reward those who posted in this miserable weather. My original workout plan included sandbag sleds and other pain stations. What better use of sleds than on snow!

So we grabbed the shovel flag and sleds and moseyed down to the bottom of the park to the big hill by the pond. Much like working out in a summer rain storm, working out in snow brings out the kid in all of us!!!!
Here’s a video of the fun we had and what you missed by fartsacking…..

– When weather is this crappy, the only reason guys post is because of the #accountability that F3 instills in us.
– Tclaps to everyone for posting. Especially Padre, Scuba Steve and Tricycle for the #doubledown effort

See ya in the gloom……


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