The ducks look so peaceful . . .

  • Workout Date - 04/20/2015
  • Q In Charge - Uber
  • The PAX - Banjo, THE HARDHAT, Floppy, Longbottom, Mustang Sally, Uber
  • AO -

6 men posted to start the week off right.  The weather was perfect, really can’t call it the gloom today.  But the pax were just waking up and not in the mood to appreciate it yet. With the exception of Banjo’s chipper sarcasm, the rest of us were still reconsidering our decision to leave our fartsack.



Merkins X 10 IC

The Thang:

Mosey over and everyone gets a coupon.  Mosey back over to the monkey bars on the playground.  Unfortunately there is a small lake encompassing the monkey bars from the torrential rains we have had.   YHC is undeterred, but the more enterprising pax claim some dryer land.  Partner up – small guy with a big guy.  100 reps – Either your chin or your feet touch the bar while your partner carries BOTH coupons up to the basketball court and back.  Switch and your partner picks up where you left off until 100 reps completed. This will put a burn on your fore arms.

11 Burpees

Circle up.  500 overhead press with the coupon. One pax goes AMRAPs, the rest hold the coupon over their head. When that pax burns out, the next picks up where he left off. Continue until all 500 reps are completed.  It took 2 turns around the circle to do this.  It wasn’t the AMRAPs that get you, it is holding the stupid coupon above your head after the AMRAPs.  Coupons were resting on pax’s (and YHC’s) head, neck, shoulder . . . and finally down by the waist.  It took longer than YHC thought to get to 500. Shout out to Banjo & Hardhat – apparently the Patrick family does military press for fun – because they carried the load on this one. Somewhere in here Hardhat notices a larger lake has formed on what used to be dry ground, but this one has two ducks enjoying it.  So we all take a second and enjoy the serenity of the ducks – which inspires Floppy to want to do duckwalks, but that isn’t part of the plan today. Instead 12 Burpees are.

Circle back up.  400 curls.  One pax goes AMRAPs, rest hold the coupon at 90 degrees to the ground.  That pax burns out, so the next picks up where he left off.  Ideally there is some space between the pax gut and his coupon, but the longer it takes to get to 400 the more the coupon finds it way to sit on your gut. Floppy, lacking a gut, was at a disadvantage. Hardhat was not – “just using what the good Lord gave me” – was the reply when YHC questioned.  This one did not put the hurt on the pax as bad as the overhead press – had to even slap a limit on Hardhat & Floppy started doing extras –  so 600/700 is a better number to shoot for next time.

13 Burpees

Circle back up. 300 Berkins (merkin on the coupon). One pax goes AMRAPs, rest hold plank on the coupon.  That pax burns out, so the next picks up where he left off.  Again the pax (and YHC’s) plank got pretty sad by the end of this.  300 was the right amount as by the end of this the pax are only able to knock out 10-15 at a time. YHC did notice that one pax had a coughing fit and stood up to walk it off and another had to stand up to sneeze or spit or something – YHC isn’t questioning if something was in the air, just noting the timing was pleasantly placed.

14 Burpees (the merkin part of the Burpee really start to wear on you around 7 or 8 after all that planking)

Almost out of time, so Mosey back to drop the coupons off.


20 butterfly situps, 20 V Ups, 20 Flutters


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Enjoyed leading a great group of men. I always walk away feeling encouraged and alive.

Uber out.

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