The Drifter 6k 2015

  • Workout Date - 02/07/2015
  • Q In Charge - Flay
  • The PAX - One Hump, Nature Boy, Latka, Alfred, Goggles, Dollywood, Baby Seal, Wall-E, Crunchy, iTunes, White Walker, Overdraft, Seal, Blue Hawaii, Malkovich, Disney, Road Kill, Stitch, Caviar, Snowden, Cockroach, Costanza, Zoila, THE Hard Hat, Erector, Golden Sombrero, Squeal, Mab Mab, Slim, Beavis, Mallwalker (WD), OBT, AP, Earthmover, Sundancer, Houdini, LIBOR, Sump, Kim Jung, Pothole, Satisfry, Jefferson, Blue Hen, LinkedIn, Amp, Hootie, Semper, Armanti, TalkBox, Highlights, Mega Mu, Hook and Ladder, Domer Simpson, Oui Oui, Footloose, Brown Shorts, Cocoon, Epee, Ueber, Iceman, Clapper, Floppy, Spongebob
  • AO -

Aye, it’s late getting this posted. #Cobains on that one, but exigencies of the service and whatnot. Fill in your half-baked excuse here, but at least I’m finally getting it done.

Denizens of the Upstate have long lauded the Half Moon Drifter 6k as one of the best trail races in the region, and word is obviously getting out in F3 Nation. Last year, we have 40+ registrants, and that number balloned to over 70 this year. As a semi-reprisal of last year’s proceedings (and, at OBT’s request saying that the #SturdyUndercarriage needed a bit of a warmup), YHC offered up at pre-and-post race beatdown for all the PAX interested, whether they be local or from out of town. At 0815, 45 minutes before race start, conditions were chilly, but sunny and pleasant. Pretty quickly we had a line of shovel flags planted and several race organizers looking askance wondering who all the weirdos circling up were. YHC’s Buffalo Trace hipster shades did little to assuage their fears, much less that of the PAX. Here’s what went down after a quick explanation of the day’s proceedings/schedule, which immediately resulted in YHC being referred to as a cruise director amongst other, more colorful monikers. The #mumblechatter was in high gear from the get-go and wouldn’t slow down.

SSH x 30 IC

IW x 20 IC

Merkins x 15 IC

MC x 20 IC


Mosey down to the bottom of the park, and partner up.

Dora 123

Partner 1 works while Partner 2 runs to the playground and back. Flap jack, all reps cumulative

Werkins x 100

Squats x 200

Flutters x 300 (double count)

About half way through NatureBoy accosts YHC asking if this is an “appropriate warm up for what we’re going to be doing” before disappearing to heed nature’s call for most of the rest of the workout. I guess he answered his own question

Plankorama led by Spongebob while we wait on the six, then circle up.

Burpees x 10 OYO (keeping a Powder Keg tradition as we had a flyby)

Jack Webb Pyramid

1 Merkin/4 airpresses ratio up to 5/20 and back down to 1/4.

Snowden chimes in from the running path with some choice words, but oddly doesn’t join in. #refusenik

Jail break back to the flags


We did some ab stuff. My brain can’t remember what the sequence was.

Almost time for the race, and don’t want guys to be too smoked. Oh wait, KimJung is here. He hates burpees, so:

Spicolis x 10… no 20.

The guys were really thrilled with me at that point. Quick BOM to pray for safety on the trails, and next came the race…

Drifter 6k.. which YHC was staunchly mediocre, but we had some scorching times from locals like Mega Mu (2nd overall) Highlights (5th overall but some how missed out on a age group placing), Houdini, and Hootie. If I remember correclty, Disney won his age group and we had quite a few in the top 30.

For full results, go here.

For race pics from Pace Magazine, go here

The speed demons were shouting encouragement from the top of the final climb as people finished, and the 2nd F was on full display. Once YHC stopped huffing and puffing, we circled back up again for a bunch of Mary while the PAX trickled in.

Flutters x 20 IC

Dead (DYING) Cockroach x 20 IC

Plank/Shoulder Touch x 20 IC

Ice takes the Q

Slow Dollies x 20 IC

Slow Rosalitas x 20 IC

Slow Freddie Mercury x 20 IC

YHC takes the Q back b/c that slow crap sucks

Russian Twist x 20 IC




  • Baby Seal has his Eagle Scout project at the FIKE Center coming up 2/14 from 9am to 2pm and he needs volunteers. Lunch will be provided
  • P200 still needs runners
  • Sign up for the MudRun. Our goal this spring is 72 PAX. Mab Mab/Earthmover have the Q
  • BRR teams are already forming. Footloose is putting together a 12 man recreational team, and talks are for a 9 man team as well as another 12 man full of speed demons to be competitive.


  • Epee’s daughter: ruled out appendicitis
  • Nature Boy made a call to pray for each other’s marriages and make sure you don’t bottle up. Reach out to your brothers. you’re not alone
  • Footloose chimed in as well to get accountable, set goals and work actively to sharpen eachother
  • Prayers for brothers going through illness. One of our guys has a friend who just got diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and has a couple months
  • Prayers for Hootie’s family and his grandmother as they navigate her path

That’s all we have, brothers. In the final COT, I believe the number was 54, and there were a bunch of guys milling around the booths trolling for free stuff.. If I missed you on the roster, my apologies, but we had guys coming in and out and it was hard to keep track. Pretty amazing where this is heading, and you can feel the energy continue to rise in the Upstate. Look for some #BigThings to start coming out of Anderson especially. Methinks those boys are primed to explode this spring and summer. This is a great even for all three F’s, so I hope you enjoyed. More importantly, I hope the men around you inspired you. As we continue to grow, more and more men will need to step up and lead. I’m confident that we are still at the beginning and it’s only gonna get better. Make sure you’re putting your stamp on it  in any way you can, because this group is nothing without the continued energy and passion of the Upstate PAX.

Thanks to all the guys from Metro, Florence, Lake Murray and Columbia who joined in. Even OBT had a semi-ironic SC flag patch on his Tac Hat (something about Greenville and SC being a top ten place to live or something). We really are at our best when we come together, and my hope is that this event will grow within F3 Nation and that we’ll have more chances to host the Nation in the future.

See you in the Gloom.

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