The Draggin’ Slayer

  • Workout Date - 06/13/2019
  • Q In Charge - RoadTrip
  • The PAX - 1 Direction, Mac, Elmer, NYOPT (R), Beamer, Peek-A-Boo, Flo (R), Cyclone, RT (YHC)
  • AO - Golden Strip

9 Dragon Slayers kicked Thursday square in the crotch while Live PD deputized 7 PAX on the art of “Lisa Marie’ing,” which is the act of driving an extra 15 minutes to avoid an RT wrath and help Pricilla build on to the Graceland mansion.


Cool enough for Bambi’s winter camouflage hunting gear, but still not cool enough for Bambi.


yup – I’m not a professional , though I play one on TV.  Modify all you need


  • 4ct SSH x21 – IC
  • 4ct Mt Climber x21 – IC
  • 4ct Hillbilly x21 – IC
  • 4ct Merkins x15 – IC

Mosey to the other side of the parking lot, behind the PAX get-away cars…but take the long way around.  This is Station 1.  Continue in a NASCAR counter clockwise direction to the end of the parking lot (STA 2).  Rubbing bumpers is optional.  The opposite end of the parking lot houses (STA 3) and then atop the Dragon’s Tail at the entrance to this AO (STA 4).

Round 1

  • STA 1 = 10 Burpees –> 300 ft run
  • STA 2 = 10 Monkey Jumpers Squats –> 600 ft run
  • STA 3 = 10 Monkey Jumpers Squats –> 600 ft run
  • STA 4 = 10 Burpees –> 600 ft run
  • STA 3 = 10 Hand Release Merkins –> 600 ft run
  • STA 2 = 10 Hand Release Merkins –> 300 ft run
  • STA 1 = Overhand Claps IC until the last PAX  stumbles home.

Round 2 – Repeato with Peek A Boo getting a 2 min head start and a challenge to the PAX to catch him if you can.  But he was Peek-a-Gone and was uncatchable.  Urban has left the conversation.  Now that we are all breathing heavy, get on your 6 for a quick turtle dovin’ make-out session with Mary.

  • 4ct Flutters x21 – IC
  • BBSU x21 – OYO
  • 4ct Reverse LBCs x21 – IC (tag that one because it caused the PAX to moan)

Apparently Mary was just using you for your fab abs.  Slam bam thank you mam.

Round 3 – Repeato, this time the PAX were awarded a 2 min head start over Beamer with a challenge to Beamer to catch the PAX.  Though he entered the burpee stations as some PAX were finishing, he just couldn’t muster enough juju to kill the last bald headed PAX that can’t find any friends for a trip to the mountains.

It was about this time when YHC almost merloted.  1D’s heart rate almost hit 190 as he starting seeing stars and hearing ringing in his ears.  So in order to save EMS a trip to #GS, Round 4 was completed together.  So wait on all PAX to finish their exercise before ascending upon the next station.  Peak A Boo was relieved and thrilled.  Relieved because no one had to wait on him anymore and thrilled because he had someone to talk as the 6 since ATM left the building and quit F3.

Circle back up at the flags for sloppy seconds with Mary.  Cyclone voted to go ahead and call it.  That’s because he doesn’t like working out without music, trivia or leg warmers.

  • 4ct American hammers x21 – IC
  • 4ct Reverse LBCs x20 – IC (moaning)

I admit, that WO was a real MF’r.  In fact, I seriously thought of modifying about the time of almost merlot.  But I quickly realized these men were stronger than that…and Mac needed more BRR training.  Besides this is probably the hardest thing you will face today, and if so, what a great way to start your morning.

To put it into perspective, my watch calculates calories burned during a workout.  I have no idea how accurate it is, but the intensity and calories burned seem to correlate.  Most workouts range from 250-450 calories.  This one hit 580 over 2.0 miles.  So Great Work Men…way to push yourselves beyond your comfort zone… or in 1d’s case, the Danger Zone..   Eat your heart out Graceland.


  • Site Q Transfers…sign up to Q and leave your mark:
    • 17 JUN – Lt Dangle –> Turbine #TOT
    • 20 JUN – NYOPT –> Mac #GS
    • 21 JUN – Pine Tar –> Peek-A-Boo #PF
  • Mac still looking for a few good men for the BRR, but he can’t handle the truth
  • Don’t forget Bible Studies – Every THUR 0500 @ Golden Strip


  • 1D’s son, Tebow – recovering from Black Widow bite
  • Elmer – for those he has been working with at Mission 22 (organization to eliminate veteran suicide)

RT out

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