The Dirty Turkey

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  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
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35 men interupted dreams of turkey, pie and congealed salad #thatgelatinouscranberrything, to make themselves stronger and pre-burn today’s calorie intake. YHC was impressed with the turnout. #ontheDLwithPledge #clipboardQ

Warm up:

SSH x 30
IW x 30
10 burpees – Spicolli

The Thang:

In Cadence(ish) – 50 each
Merkins (single count)
Walking Lunges (single leg)

Q announces that we will be doing 150 total of each exercise. #fornow

4 cycles, 25 reps of each exercise/cycle OYO

The Dirty Turkey trail run the Racoon Loop. #haggisbroughthisrun #area51represented #1.5miles
The pax gathers at the trail sign for a brief description of the run – and they’re off!

ADD 10 burpees for Spicolli
20 dip

REPEATO #happypax

Second Helpings

50 each
Merkins (single count)
Walking Lunges (single leg)

6 cycles, 25 reps of each exercise/cycle OYO
Q calls an audible – for time – for a total of around 225 of each exercise

One more round of the Dirty Turkey #haggiswinsagain

Plank-o-rama #funhouselikestakingpoint #theFORTrepresented

Partner up for size then split into two groups for a little Tug-o-war action
one side represents Clemson and the other Carolina…it was a tie #lotsofmumblechatter #clemsonwinsonsaturday

COT Naked Moleskin

Continue to lift up Spicolli

Need Q Sat #stepitupbrothers

Shirts are ready- email Flay with orders

Flay and Latka are days away from new 2.0’s #happydaddys

Christmas in Mauldin Dec 14-bring cans, eat Q, bring family, contact Iceman

Lift up all of our brothers in the F3Nation. Safe travels. Much thanks for F3. Special thanks to Funhouse representing #TheFort, Haggis representing #Area51 and 2 FNG’s

T-claps to the pax; Spartan 300 225ish(time),a 5k trail run,20 burpees,20 dips, tug-o-wars and a partridge in a pear tree.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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