The Dirty Dos Double Dora

  • Workout Date - 06/25/2015
  • Q In Charge - Castaway
  • The PAX - P.E.T.A., Noonan, Schneider, Billy Ray, Posh Spice, Annie Oakley, THE Hard Hat, Slapchop, Smithers (fng Jason Gibson), Dirty Myrtle, Punkin Spice, Castaway
  • AO -

Let’s be honest, the ‘Burbs (both the AO and Pax regs) is no joke so when YHC started feeling froggy enough to grab the open Q spot I knew it had to be broughten.

Fondly remembering a G.C.O.D. back-to-back Dora beatdown from a few weeks out I decided to try an amped up variation on the theme.

I’m still trying to figure out if this was a good idea or not. I don’t remember chunks of the workout and I had to do my hair in rounds this morning so I could give my arms a breather. Quote of the morning came from Punkin Spice as we were leaving: “Hurt yourself, didn’t you?” Yes. Yes I did – in the very best ways.

Introducing the Dirty Dos Double Dora (if any of you F3 lingo historians already have a name for this particular concoction, let me know and I will change accordingly).


25 SSH

10 Slow Count Merkins

20 Smurfjacks

20 Sumos – down low with one leg straight, keeping leg straight lift leg and set it down, lean to other side and repeat

10 Mountain Climber Merkins (?) – Merkin where you alternate bringing knee to forehead at the top

10/10/10/10 Little Baby Arm Circle Forwards and Back + Big ‘Ole Arm Circle Forwards and Back

2x Side-to-Side neck stretch

2x Crossed Palm-to-Palm in front + Palm-to-Palm behind stretch

Shoulder/Tricep Combo Stretch

3x Cross Parking Lot Sprints – Pac line up and run down and back 3 times. 50% speed first time (down and back); 75% speed second time (down and back); 100% third time (down only, mosey back)

Mosey to The ‘Burbs killer new pull-up bars. (Huge tclaps to Golden Sombrero, Double-Aught and THE Hard Hat for getting the first set of these installed. A little mumblechatter about the height but some enterprising Pax discovered the fence is close enough to prop you feet up and do assisted pull-ups – YHC says leave ’em their current height, literally gives us a higher bar to reach for.)

The Dirt Dos Double Dora

Partner up (size does not matter). In a typical Dora 1, 2, 3 one partner runs down and back/up and back/down and up while the other competes as many of the 100, 200 and 300 reps need to be completed.

Same concept except instead of running down and back we stopped at the trailer to retrieve a cinder block and begin the second Dora.

At the pull-up bars, partners did:

– 100 pull-ups (Pax could modify by substituting Dry Docks at a 2-to-1 ratio- YHC did a lot of Dry Docks.)

– 200 Merkins

300 Curbside Dips

Down a little ways at the trailer the other partner began the second Dora 1, 2, 3:

– 100 Squats with Overhead Cinder Block press (YHC is not sure what he was thinking regarding a number of aspects of this mornings festivities – the overhead cinder block press was one of them. Modification was quickly made to a cinder click weighted squat.)

– 200 Super Skaters (Single count) – Single leg squat where right leg goes back, left hand comes up, Left leg goes back, right hand comes up

– 300 John Travoltas – Again, the initial thought was with cinder blocks – Some of the beasts – looking at you THE Hard Hat stuck with the block, the rest of us mortals did as many as we could with block and then modified to air Travoltas

We ran out of time but rumor has it 3 teams finished.

The Pax were thrilled to welcome out Jason Gibson – so thrilled, in fact, that YHC forgot to get his email address (Golden Sobrero apparently EH’d him at VBS and should be able to get it particulars). After some digging (and THE Hard Hat’s determination to memorialize the impact the movie Mud had on his life by making sure someone walked away with the handle “Neckbone”) we settled on Smithers. Neckbone is a great handle but Jason does something with Nuclear in the title so we YHC thought it was important to give him a name that will remind us to make sure his hands aren’t glowing before high fiving him. Welcome to the circus, Smithers.


Announcements: Bazooka Ball needs more hard commits to happen

Billy Ray is moving this Saturday morning and could use some help at 8am.

Prayer Requests

THE Hard Hat’s bother is about to start making final preparations for the move.

Noonan’s grandfather – health

P.E.T.A.’s parents are dealing with a contractor situation with a home they are building in another state. He also asks for prayers for a college classmates family as they support his brother through a serious accident.



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