The CSAUP Bar is Raised Yet Again!!!

  • Workout Date - 04/06/2017
  • Q In Charge - The Opener and friends
  • The PAX - You, Yes You and Us
  • AO -

F3 has a long and storied history with GORUCK the first event being summer of 2012 and since there have been over a dozen events across F3 Nation

In March, 2015 the men of F3 Nation raised the CSAUP bar with the First F3 Custom GORUCK Heavy in Charleston, SC

In April, 2016 we raised the stakes and went further with a Custom HTL in Asheville, NC.

In 2017 we continue the progression and push the bar even higher with F3 GORUCK HH (Heavy followed by another Heavy)

This will only be the 3rd HH in the history of GORUCK and we want you to be a part!


Q: When and Where

A: Heavy 1 will begin 4/6/2017, Heavy 2 will begin 4/7/2016 in the Wilmington, NC area

Q: Why would I do this?

A: Any Participant from Charleston or Asheville can confirm these events create memories and friends which will last a lifetime. You will find out more about yourself in one 24-48 Hour period than in a year of daily posts.

Q: Do I have to do both Heavies?

A: While we would love for you to both and believe that you can, no you do not. You can do only Heavy 1 (you cannot do only Heavy 2 that is for only the HH participants, no fresh bodies)

Q: Who are the Cadre?

A: As of now Cadre JC aka “the Opener” will be lead Cadre, depending on the number of Participants we will have 1 or 2 additional Cadre

Q: What is the expected cost?

A: Final individual cost for the event will be determined by the number of participants but looks to be $200-$225 for Heavy 1 only and for the HH  will be in the $350-$400. Final amounts could be less but in the effort of full disclosure wanted to give honest estimates.

Q: When will you need my money?

A: Presently we are confirming the number of events to get a best idea of costs, once that becomes clear we will reach out with a deadline for paying

Send your HC to state whether you are committing to Heavy 1 only or both



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