The Crucible – Hills of Thunder

  • Workout Date - 06/20/2014
  • Q In Charge - Mega Mu
  • The PAX - Aloha, Turbo Tax, Preppy, 1040, Tesh, Padre, FNG-Grilled Cheese on a Doughnut (Tim Brockman), Saddle Sore, Grim Reaper, Bubba Gump, Houdini, Mega Mu
  • AO -

12 climbed out of the fartsack for a Beverly Hills inspired beatdown. We should have known better than to proceed as planned when one of the architects decided not to show up. At any rate, the PAX jumped in with both feet, hoping to earn their spot amongst the legends of Swamp Rabbit.

The Thang:

Partner Up (size matters)
Complete the exercises at the stations shown on the map, following the directions below
Stations are in white, direction arrows in orange/green (orange going out, green coming back)

6.20.14 Crucible.Dir.Loop





Start at the volleyball pit near the corner of Lakehurst and Woodland
Head down Swamp Rabbit Trail towards Woodland
Right at Woodland
Next right onto Swamp Rabbit Trail
Follow trail (keeping right) until it goes under McDaniel
After going under McDaniel, stay left to go up to street level
Left onto McDaniel

Loop (shown in black oval):
Right onto Ridgeland Dr
Left onto Ridgeland Pl (note: Ridgeland Dr continues straight)
Left onto McDaniel
Left onto Ridgeland

Repeato x3 (in total, 4 laps around loop) (audible to 3 because of time, but only the first two groups got the memo) #theyregonnabefurious #whentheyreadthis

On 4th lap, stay straight on McDaniel (i.e. don’t turn left on Ridgeland)
Right onto Swamp Rabbit Trail
Follow trail under McDaniel and back to Canine Corners (keeping left)
Left at Woodland
Left on Swamp Rabbit Trail
Finish at Picnic Shelter next to parking lot

Station 1 – Next to Canine Corners
50 Ski & Outs

Station 2 – Monkey bars across from trail intersection
30 Pullups

Station 3 – Picnic shelter
40 Derkins

Station 4 – Trail intersection (after going under McDaniel)
40 Jump Lunges

Partner Carry down Ridgeland Dr from McDaniel to Station 5

Station 5 – Intersection of Ridgeland Dr and Cleveland Park Dr
40 Merkins

Station 6 – Intersection of Ridgeland Dr and Ridgeland Pl
40 Ski & Outs

Station 7 – Intersection of McDaniel and East Broad
40 Squats

In total:

~3.75 miles
400 reps of ‘stuff’ (each):
130 Ski & Outs
80 Squats
80 Merkins
40 Derkins
40 Jump Lunges
30 Pullups

-Tclaps to Aloha who carried YHC to our first #VT, followed closely by Padre and FNG-Grilled Cheese on a Doughnut (due to time, both teams only ranĀ 3 laps on YHC’s audible, the other 4 teams ran 4 laps)
-If you like working hard and on a team, keep coming back (and bring others). No one wants to let down their partner, and no one likes to get left behind. These two simple facts create a level of effort that is difficult to attain in solo workouts
-Aloha has the Q for this week #oucho #fartsackrecommended
-Be on the lookout for a pre-blast ~Wednesday

-Prayers for Padre’s wife Lauren
-Praise for Turbo Tax’s grandfather who underwent surgery last week (successfully and safely)
-Prayers for Erector and praise that the MRI came back negative
-Prayers for those that suffer in silence

Until next time,

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