The Crucible: Block Party Edition

  • Workout Date - 06/27/2014
  • Q In Charge - Aloha
  • The PAX - FNG Samsonite- Greg Swinson, Mega Mu, Turbo Tax, 1040, Saddle Sore, Tesh, Zoila, Macho Man, Wifi, Nature Boy, Sherpa, Longbottom, Slim, Johnny 5, Double 00, Grim Reaper, Domer Simpson
  • AO -

18 PAX strolled out of the fartsack and into the gloom for a Crucible beat down. Upon arriving, YHC supplied each two man team with their very own 35lb concrete block…just for fun. There was a real sour mood after that.

The Thang:

Starting by the Veterans’ memorial parking lot, grab one concrete block per team and carry it around until the end.

Run to Ridgeland Dr, take a left on Ridgeland, head to Hope St #ironic #thatwasmyfirsthashtagever

At the 4 corner loop of Hope, Lois, Oakland, Camperdown, the fun begins…

First corner: one teammate does 20 jump lunges, the other does 20 overhead squats (with the block over your head)

Run up the hill to the next corner

Second corner: one teammate does 20 hand release Merkins, the other does 20 Derkins- feet on the block

Run slightly up the hill to the next corner

Third corner: same exercises as the first corner, but teammates switch

Run down the hill to the…

Fourth corner: same exercises as the second corner, but teammates switch

Repeato x 3 (4 total laps)
The original plan was 5 laps, but time and concrete block fatigue caused an audible.

Head back to the Veterans’ Memorial with your block (don’t forget your teammate)

Totals (with 4 laps completed)
– Depending on what you use to log mileage: somewhere between 2.5-3miles
– 80 jump lunges
– 80 overhead squats
– 80 Hands free Merkins
– 80 Derkins
– 320 total reps
…oh, and a 35lb. concrete block to exfoliate your forearms

-Tclaps to Nature Boy and Sherpa for earning the #VT, finishing first
– Domer and his teammate (I can’t remember who it was because of all the concrete blocks) get an honorable mention for doing the most laps and reps
– I’m not sure if it was harder to run while carrying the concrete by yourself (boombox style) or to run and carry the block with your partner, but I DO know I have no skin left on my arms
– If you like this one, I hope you come out for Murph next Friday, July 4 at 0700…should be more details to come
– If you didn’t like this one and find yourself upset with me, Saddle Sore came up with a good portion of this workout so blame him
COT prayers and announcements
– Powder Keg in Powdersville kicks off tomorrow morning…find more info somewhere on this site
– Flay is having a July 4th cookout…RSVP to him if you are planning to go
– discussion at coffeeteria this morning about having an individual running of The Crucible in 3 weeks (7/18, Domer to Q). It will start at 5:15 and will cover ~5 miles. We are planning to have a time trial (in mid September) to determine teams for the Mud Run, and the workout on 7/18 would be a good indication of where we all stand
– prayers for Erector
– prayers for Nature Boy and his wife

Thanks for letting me Q, everybody


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  1. Aloha- very well done on your VQ, I’ve got scrapes on my arms, hands, shoulder and neck. #GotSomeExplainingToDo

    Nature Boy and Sherpa- Congrats on the #VT.

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