The Cardio Q

  • Workout Date - 08/03/2015
  • Q In Charge - Barney
  • The PAX - Hulk Smash, Sushi, Affordable Care Act, Obama, Hooch, Grimace, Cocoon, The Situation, 3rd Base, Easy Bake
  • AO -

11 PAX got their week off to a great start with one of the best AO’s on the planet, the Tower of Terror.  Barney was anxious to get the guys moving for some serious cardio to start the week.


SSH X 30
IW X 25

Had a few other warmups planned but it was a tad bit embarassing that I couldn’t get the proper wording out.  (I expect a call from Q school any minute).  Thanks to Sushi for the assist.

So off we mosey to the church parking lot for

The Thang

All PAX line up in the parking lot for a Barney suicide 7 (always a Mayberry favorite).  All PAX do a suicide with 6 burpees on one end and 1 Merkin after the sprint back.  5 X 2, 4 X 3.  Well you get the picture.

Time to move…let’s mosey to the amphitheater.  On this day in 1492 Columbus set sail for America …so 14 Box jumps up the stadium seats(with 5 dips on each level on the way down) followed by 92 step ups.  See we can learn AND exercise.  Bonus material.

Once all PAX finish its time to mosey over to the big parking lot for some cardio (cause we haven’t had enough).  Spread out.  Barney starts the timer for a minute and ten seconds (don’t ask me why) with a twenty second break.

Exercises in order:

Mini suicides between parking spaces
Hit the floor
Belt Kicks
Ski down
Push up jacks

Mosey back to the clock tower for a quick Mary:

Power knee for 1:10 (each knee)
25 LBC
15 Flutters


Michelin 5K signups are ongoing (August 15th run).  We need runners.
Tower of Terror will be starting a Thursday morning workout THIS Thursday.


Hulk Smash and Barney traveling
Hooch waiting on potential job offer
Some PAX are working on a startup @Teachmemorpheus
Affordable Care Act has TWO closings in the same day coming up

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