The 'Burbs: It's a merkin miracle!

  • Workout Date - 08/11/2014
  • Q In Charge - Holla
  • The PAX - Tesh, Macho Man, Erector, Inspector Gadget, Tax Evasion, Mrs. Doubtfire, King James, Phil Dunphy, San Diago, Sherpa, Brown Sugar, Mall Walker, Bartman, Bibb, Ahhhnold, Amelia, Vanilla Ice, Radar, Double Ought, Oui Oui, Posh Spice, Danica, SlapChop, Alfred, NIT, Flay, Footloose, Billie Jean, Golden Sombrero, Zipit, Holla
  • AO -

By 0527 Flay had declared a Snowden fartsack. He was right. Snowden, you owe me some mumblechatter. Fortunately, Erector showed up… WITH HEADBANDS!

YHC had the tremendous privilege of leading the men into the gloom this morning at the Burbs.

Sherpa came in on 2 wheels with a watch for me to use. Better late than never.
Merkins x 10 (double count)
Burpees x 10 (OYO)
Denise Austin’s x 20
SSH x 20
Merkins x 10 (OYO)

3 corners with a full lap between exercises.
Perfect (San Diago) squats x 20
LBC’s x 20
(Flay led a plank so everyone could catch up)
Merkins x 15

Brokeback mountain x 1 minute (this is where the mumblechatter picked up)

Dora 1-2-3
Partner up
Some serious mumblechatter began here.
Perfect (San Diago) Squats x 100
Smurfjacks x 200
Merkin x 300 (audible! LBC’s x 300)

Inspector Gadget’s Pass-the-Merkin
Split into 4 groups.
Each group circle up in plank position facing each other.
Go around the circle with each guy doing merkins until his arms go out while everyone else stays in plank.
Serious tclaps to Bibb who finished our circle very strong.

Bartman led us in flutters while we waited for Erector to finish.

Jailbreak to back the circle (Sherpa: You win again… you always do).

Erectors x 20 (OYO)
Flutters x 20
Alfred plank (bows included!)
Russian twists (x21)

Great to see NIT out for his first 0530 workout!
Phil Dunphy was on time this morning — even with the impending birth of 2.0 #2

Praise: Walker’s condition is improving. Keep praying.
Prayer request: Golden Sombrero’s dad has a cancer relapse and must start chemo again.
The Station: Thanks from Erector for the crowds on Saturday. Exciting things happening in Greer! Step up and lead stuff.
Prayer request: Pray for the health of Snowden’s parents.

When Jenner (Gender?) headlocked me just over a year ago, I had no idea what I was in for. Today, I’m in the best shape of my life — by far — and I’m very thankful for all the pain the PAX have inflicted on me to get there.

– Holla

Burbs 081114

2 thoughts on “The 'Burbs: It's a merkin miracle!”

  1. Excellent VQ, Holla. Been a privilege to have you amongst our numbers.

    Looks like we might have to rename Jenner, by the way… that’s too good a Freudian slip to pass up!

  2. Aye. Great VQ Holla. Doing a pre-blast with call outs was a great idea, as the crowd was a record for The Burbs. I must say you have certainly done your part in bring in new guys too. That is an example for all of us.

    As far as the workout, I was smoked and the prayer was well done as well.

    I’m flattered that you liked the Merkins routine, but I have to give credit where it is due, to the Florence region.

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