The Buddy System

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  • Workout Date - 03/23/2023
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(Flay posting for EC)

4 PAX stepped onto the frozen turf…with their buddy (weighted sand bags)


Side straddle hop (cadence)- x20

Squats (cadence)- x15

It begins….

Toe the line of the soccer field.

Buddy sled suicides- baseline to goal line (5merkins) goal line back to baseline (10 merkins) baseline to penalty (15 merkins) back to baseline (20 man makers with your buddy)

Run with your buddy to centerfield circle for buddy stations.

Run counterclockwise to 1st station (20 merkins) 2nd station (squat with your buddy x20) 3rd station (Russian twists w/ your buddy x20) Air press x20.( w/ your buddy)

Sprint with your buddy to end of field.

Buddy is tired. Let them rest….do 20 burpees

Time to assault swamp rabbit crossfit.

Run from field to crosswalk. 10 squats at crosswalk.

Run to crossfit pull up bars for 11’s. Pullups and fairy jacks.

Run back to soccer field.

stop at crosswalk for 10 squats

(Standing 10 count)

now jail brake to bench sculpture.

Partner hi five merkins x15 at bench.

Mosey to your lonely buddy.

Push your buddy down the field for lbc ladders.

Goal line-10 lbc’s, penalty line 20 lbc’s, half field 30 lbc’s

Carry your buddy overhead to penalty line 40 lbc’s, goal line 50 lbc’s, baseline 60 lbc’s.


Flutters in cadence x10

Recliners in cadence x10

10 Spicoli’s aka burpees


  • Thoughts and prayers for those traveling.
  • Continued prayers for Spicoli and his family
  • Prayers for Pledge as he finds out results from MRI
  • Speedy recovery to TBC.

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