The BLIMPS factory is open for business

  • Workout Date - 03/24/2016
  • Q In Charge - Floppy Disc
  • The PAX - Sushi(Almost), Obama, Padre, Twin Peaks, Jenner, Gymboree (WD, Respect), Retread, Puma (WB), Fred, Grimace, Floppy Disc(YHC)
  • AO -

So YHC was reading through a couple of back blasts from other regions, and saw this fantastic way to put the #BeatDown on the Pax, while at the same time incorporating one of my favorite routines – B.L.I.M.P.S. – An overall full body workout, and this one had a twist – Dora Style w/ a partner – you can all thank @SkoalBandit from Metro for this one…


With multiple people either running or rucking pre #Beatdown, the COP for the WU went something like this while we waited for everyone to join in:

  • SSH x 30 IC
  • MC x 20 IC
  • IW x 15 IC

Everyone’s here now?  Great! Let’s mosey on to the bus loop, which will be known as the #Factory for the remainder of our time today.  It was mentioned to YHC that it might have been “faster than a mosey”, but I couldn’t tell in all the excitement to get on with The Thang…


Everyone partner up – what, we only have Yo-leven today?  Guess YHC is working solo this AM then…instructions to follow:

  • P1 runs up hill, taps stop sign, and back
  • P2 starts the following:
    • 50 Burpees
    • 100 Lunges (dbl count)
    • 150 Imperial Walkers (dbl count)
    • 200 Merkins
    • 250 Plank Jacks
    • 300 Squats
  • Flapjack w/ P1, rinse and repeat till all reps are done
  • Once the #Rabbits were done w/ their BLIMPS, assist other work crews with finishing their construction – this is a #Factory – we don’t stop until all BLIMPS are complete… customers are waiting.

With 4 minutes to spare, all orders are filled, and we mosey slowsey back to our starting point for


#mumblechatter  was strong at this point, and it could have been confused for a #2ndF gathering. YHC called for Flutters x 15IC, and we called it done – stargazers for a minute.


  • Remember the #GoodFriday convergence at #Pitchfork 0600 in the AM – @ACA and @ATM will be bringing all 3 F’s to the event
  • Prayers for #WalkerStrong
  • Remember Officer Jacobs family, and all our LEO’s throughout the area as the grieve the loss of one of their own.
  • Prayers for the Pax that are traveling to celebrate Easter
  • @Gymboree’s friend that was mentioned – my video cut off at this point #Cobains


Strong work by all the Pax today!  I appreciate all of you pushing hard, and pushing me in the process.

  • ‘Preciate the #2ndF ruck with @Retread this AM – almost 4 miles of good conversation w/ weights on our backs
  • @Padre and @Sushi were out front pretty much from the start – we were all chasing them down
  • All the Pax were killing that hill up to the stop sign like it was flat ground – great work gents!
  • About the time the IW and Merkin train came along, the #MumbleChatter died, there was just lots of heavy breathing….
  • 200 Merkins into 250 Plank Jacks (or 100 into 125 for YHC) are no joke…#SmokedShoulders
  • About the time we rolled back to the circle, YHC realized his key was inside his ride…doors locked. #Fail.  Thanks to @Obama for the ride home to get the spare key – #LifeSaver

Great work brothers – I wouldn’t do this on my own.


Floppy Disc

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