The blah blah blah

  • Workout Date - 07/08/2020
  • Q In Charge - Play-Doh
  • The PAX - Zebco Sr; Squatting Dog; Bubba Gump; Wilson; The Muff; Kindergarten Cop; Courtesy Flush; Dirty Myrtle; Alfred; NoBars; Zipline
  • AO - The Station

The Scene – Hot and humid. No breeze. Stale as all get out. Couple friendly old faces roll in (Alfred; Dirty Myrtle). 0530 and we’re off. Disclaimer – check.

W/U – American Hammer x20IC; Tempo Squat x15IC; Merkin x10IC; SSH x20IC; Arm Circles to catch my breath

Thang 1 – Mosey long ways to park entrance. Route 66 up to fountain. 11 trees. Start at Tree 1 with 1 Merkin. Sprint to Tree 2 – 2 Merkins. Up to 11. Total = 66.

Thang 2 – Down to amphitheater for Jacob’s Ladder. Run to top of theater – 1 burpee. Back down and tap the wall and back up to top – 2 burpees. 3-4-5-6-7.

Thang 3 – Aiken legs. 20 box jumps; 20 squats; 20 Bonnie Blairs. Running lap around whatever. Core work IC. Repeat. Repeat.

Thang 4 – Mosey up to fountain top. Jack Webb up to Round 10.

Time – back to circle.

Mary – dealer’s choice. No way we were doing BBSU’s after last week’s scrape-fest. #stillchafed But someone wedged (10) in Dealer’s Choice. I’m okay.


  1. Swamp Rabbit 104 Challenge (4 F3 Posts/Week average X Remaining 26 Weeks Starting July 1). More info here:
  2. Extreme Week – Aug 10 – 15. (7) F3 Posts in 6 Days. Ends with Saturday workout and cookout TBD. Info coming soon.
  3. F3 10 Year Anniversay Convergence. Info here:
  4. RunAWaze – Friday morning 05:15 RHS. Track boot camp.


Surprisingly quiet. Life is good. Blessed to be out and about this fine morning. #dosomethinggoodtoday. Amen.