The beauty of Death Valley

  • Workout Date - 02/27/2016
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - Gutshot, FNG Jason Lee Safelite, Twist Tie, 50 Shades, Roscoe, Inspector Gadget, Youkilis, Paparazzi, Padre, Mr Burns, FNG Jeremiah Hurley Bullfrog, Chernobyl, Gore, FNG Ryan Toole Lumbergh, Brown Shorts
  • AO -

It’s week three of the Clemson Expansion. I can’t believe we haven’t visited the stadium!? What a beautiful sight/site to behold, even if you’re not a Tiger fan. Several guys from week 1 have returned and we would have 3 FNGs. The usual disclaimer was given and we began.

Warm Up


Mosey down Calhoun Dr. over to Brackett Hall to make some noise. Mary in the middle. Circle up and give a loud cadence.

Flutters, Rosalita, 45°, 30°, Dolly all x 25 IC

Mosey down Fort Hill St. toward Death Valley. What a beautiful sight! Roscoe said that made his day seeing that. The gates are locked and the cameras are on so no rubbing of Howard’s Rock.

Three rounds of People’s Chair with arm circles and air presses. 10 ‘Mericans after each round.

Line up shoulder to shoulder and lunge walk across the road Frogger style dodging cars. Hey look! Stairs! The mumblechatter just exploded. Joe Hendrix 2×2 up the 6 levels, approximately 30 steps. Al Gore at the bottom, Flutters at the top.

Mosey back up Fort Hill St. past Calhoun Mansion through Trustee Park. No time for a history lesson today. We found some benches on Calhoun Dr.

20 Dips IC, 15 Incline ‘Mericans IC

Mosey past the library, around the Reflection Pond, and on to center stage of the amphitheater. Roscoe chimes in again and says I should be a tour guide. LOL. Time for more abs.

LBC, Reverse LBC, Love Handle Crunch LHC L&R all x 25. Hold 6 inches for new exercise. The Whip??? Feet together at 6 inches and move left and right x10 IC.

Short skip over to theater seats. 10 box jumps OYO. 10 each leg step ups with a knee kick. Rinse and repeat for 3 rounds total. 15 Dips IC before we leave.

Mosey up the steep hill back to the flag dodging students on the way. Flying EH? Nope! I can’t breathe!


Hip Dips, Pretzel Crunch L&R x 20 IC, Boxcutters, Reverse Boxcutter x 15 IC. YHC explained the goal of F3 and gave the 5 rules for every workout. Can’t leave without doing Burpees!? 10 OYO! Smoked!!!

A- April 30 Leatherneck Mud Run, March 5 F3 5 year anniversary (tickets online only), Greenwood Assault March 12??

P- Continued prayers for Quickie and family, Shiner’s return to the GLOOM, all our families, prayers for continued motivation to post and EH here in Clemson.

Always a pleasure to share with other men what was given to me. Thank you God and thank you F3 for putting these brothers in my life.

Brown Shorts


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