The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale is Improved

  • Workout Date - 05/28/2015
  • Q In Charge - 00 (Double Aught) + Radar
  • The PAX - Gold Bond, Oui Oui, Stewart Smally, Slap Chop, Castaway, Schneider, Posh Spice, Radar, Hard Hat, Mogul (F3 Charleston), Tax Evasion, Zip it, 00
  • AO -

00 and YHC  have been noticing that there has been a lack of willingness to Q workouts at The Burbs.  While we both certainly do not mind coming up with borderline psychotic routines for our own amusement, we felt it was time to throw down the gauntlet.  Upon checking the Q calendar to see what lay in store for my Thursday morning, I noticed the blank space staring back at me yet again.  With so many beasts from the east attending these workouts, there is no reason for this.  Knowing 00 is always down for something stupid, I took to Twitter and fired a warning shot. Hearing no response, we devised a workout for the ages in hopes of scaring the Pax into Q’ing just to make the pain stop*.

00 arrived in his headband with a sinister look on his face.  Let’s begin…

Warm Up 
Fairy Jacks X 10 OYO
Fairy Jacks X 10 OYO
Fairy Jacks X 10 OYO (during this exercise 00 announced that he loves being a jerk)
Smurf Jacks X 10 IC

The Thang
We don’t have a name for this, but let’s just call it the 4 Corner-Dora-Carousel of Suck.

Partner Up

Mosey down to get the blocks (because YHC and 00 almost always use blocks)
At this point everyone begins to gather at our normal block routine area.  Not this time fellas.  Carry the blocks to what will be deemed Corner 1
From there, we mosey (at 00 pace) the 1/4 mile lap around the church – stopping at each corner to explain the upcoming festivities. (4 corners)

Corner 1 – Partner 1 performs AMRAP Manmakers (Burpees with a block) while Partner 2 takes a lap.  When Partner 2 returns, Partner 1 takes a lap while Partner 2 does the exercise (this is the Dora-esque portion) When Partner 1 returns both Pax mosey together to Corner 2.

Corner 2 – Partner 1 performs AMRAP Supine Pullups while Partner 2 takes a lap. flapjack and mosey to Corner 3. (the supine pullups were an arm smoker)

Corner 3 – Partner 1 performs AMRAP burpees while Partner 2 takes a lap. flapjack and mosey to Corner 4.

Corner 4 just HAPPENS to be at the stairs, so…
Partner 1 performs AMRAP Joe Hendrix while Partner 2 takes a lap. flapjack and people’s chair until all are finished.

Mosey back to Corner 1

Back at the blocks, we still have PLENTY of time for some additional pain.  Stay with your partners as 00 and I make this up as we go.

Round 1
Partner 1’s do manmakers while partner 2’s do 20 merkins IC.  Flapjack and repeato.
Round 2
Partner 1’s does low, slow squats with the block while the partner 2’s do a lunge walk around the group. Flapjack and repeato (but backwards lunge walk for the second group)
Round 3
Partner 1’s do derkins on the wall X20 IC while partner 2’s do alternating incline merkins on the block.  Flapjack and repeato.

I think there was a round 4 but I was pretty lightheaded at this point.

I seem to recall that this was the point we put the blocks away.

We still have time so 00 suggest a burpee broad jump from speedbump to speedbump.  These were unpleasant.

There is still a minute or two left so we head back to the wall for some balls to wall and handstand merkins.  I usually really enjoy these but not at that moment.

YHC took the Mary portion of the workout and I think it went something along these lines.
Leg-Throw Dollies X 20 IC
Flutters X 20 IC
Freddie Mercury X 20 IC
one leg Erectors X 10 each leg IC

There may have been more but I forget.

Everyone on your faces then jailbreak back to the circle for COT.


Continued prayers for Golden’s dad and family.

Prayers for Hard Hat’s brother and family as they head to Ethiopia on 7/6.

Prayers for Tax Evasions daughter on her 2 month mission trip to Daytona.

Check the weekly emails for other announcements.

Pull up bars are coming to The Burbs, stand by for workday time and date.

Great work by everyone today.  Gold Bond had quite the workout for his 2nd time out and killed it anyway.  Welcome to our F3 Charleston brother Mogul.

It was indeed a terrible and almost unnecessarily difficult workout, but we all made it through.  Please sign up to Q a workout, it is much easier when you do.  Once you’ve been coming for month or two – you’re ready.  I guess we’ll have to resort to waterboarding if this doesn’t work.

*Slap Chop is taking the Q on Monday.  The Pain will not stop #beast.

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