The Beast of Burb-en

  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

17 strong rejected the thoughts of laying around in the fartsack and instead put down their daily downPAINment.

First exercise is…..Smurfjacks x 15
IW x 20
Merkins x 10
LBC x 20
Workins x 10

The Burbian Thang:
The Beast of Burb-en made a guest appearance and the PAX was up to the challenge and then some.  The Burb-en Beast consists of running around MRC, completing 3 sets of exercises at ¼,1/2 and ¾ markers, 6 reps at each quarter marker, run to the starting point turn around and Repeat. Exercises:
Perfect Squats
Walking Lunges
The beast was slayed with a Jailbreak around MRC with a slight twist.  If you have been posting with F3 for less than 3 months line up, if you have been posting with F3 for more than 3 months follow YHC going back 25 or 30 yards, starting in a plank position jail break around the MRC, trying to catch the guy in front of you or trying not to get passed depending on where you started.
Plank exercises were done in between each of the above

Circle up for the Mary……er Poking the Bear
Posh suggested 20 buprees prior to Mary,  YHC thought that was a good idea as well.
Burpees x 20

Circle up for Mary… continue poking
Snowden suggested that we run around MRC again, YHC thought that was an excellent idea, and we’re off.
Jailbreak around MRC

Circle up for Mary, mumblechatter was reaching an all time high by now.  YHC heard that if anyone says another word that they are buying everyone coffee at coffeteria for 2 weeks.  Which leads us to:

6MoM: (Finally)
Flutters x 20
Windshieldwipers x ??
Russian Twist x 15
In&Outs x 15

Mosesy over to the soccer field for a modified 4 corners.  Circle up in the middle of the field, knee-ups while instructions were given.  Run to a corner complete the below exercises and reps and return to the middle of the field, plank up while waiting.
Corner 1:  10 merkins (noticed Posh doing merkin claps while the PAX was doing merkins, #motivatingtosee)
Corner2:  10 perfect squats
Corner 3:  10 merkins
Corner 4:  10 perfect squats (erector had a leaky !@#$ and dusted half the PAX)

Mosey back for some merkin work:
Merkins x 10
Workins x 10

MudRun on Saturday
PawnPatrol has been planted and is happening! 0600 @ Legacy Park
Spartanburg Launch 4/26, we want all Swamp Rabbit PAX to be there.  If you know anyone in Spartanburg please send their contact information to

Praises and Prayer Request:
Prayer request for Banjo and the weight that he is carrying during his travels
Lift up Mall Walker as he travels to Europe
Continue praying for Golden Sombrero’s father as he starts his 3rd round of chemo.

Great work this morning!  Saw and heard some things this morning that are just reminders why F3 is what it is.  Younger guys wanting to keep up with MallWalker as he is a freaking beast, guys saying I want to be like that when I’m that age (F3strong).  Guys taking opportunity to push themselves as hard as they can, Posh was a great example of this doing merkinclaps while the PAX is doing merkins.  Good things are happening at #theburbs! Keep up the momentum and continue EH’ing guys!!

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