The bears and the loooooong walkway.

  • Workout Date - 12/29/2015
  • Q In Charge - Thumper
  • The PAX - TheTickler, 3B, LBO (LOB), ShortBarrel, Puma
  • AO -

5 PAX broke free of the methane cuddles and came to GS for YHCs scatter brained Q that seemed to come together.   The rain had just stopped after pouring for a few hours in the pre-gloom.  We still used the covered walkway a great deal, great spot for what YHC had in mind even if the rain had stopped.   Enough chat chit…..




5×10 (3B all done with his 3K Burpee challenge at this point, TClaps)


Thang 1:

Partner up, line up at end of covered walkway.   PAX 1 BearCrawl to 2nd post along walkway, while PAX 2 planks.  @ 2nd post, PAX 1 perform 10xHandslapMerkins and yell go.   Or just grunt loudly.  Loud noises, whatever works,and then hold plank.  PAX 2 then proceeds to catch up by BearCrawling to 2nd post to catch up with PAX1, performs 10HandslapMerkins, and yells go/grunts/noise signaling PAX1 to resume BearCrawl.   Repeat this mode of travel halfway down the length of walkway stopping for HandslapMerkins every other post…….. and back for a total of 8 sections (80 HandslapMerkins) and many meters of BearCrawl.

Breathe again.

Thang 2:   Simple (not easy) DORA

100 MonkeyHumpers

200 Squats

300 Quadpress

Transition was to run length of the walkway.  3B said is was a long distance for a DORA.  I didn’t doubt him at all, but I can say we confirmed it.   Works out pretty nice with the right exercises.

More breathing.


Souvenir from HoDown @ F3Grandstrand.

7 upright flutters with hands up

7 flutters with hands resting on ground behind

7 reg’lar flutters

7 Tempo LBCs


still time left.  Repeato

Announcements:  Convergence Friday @ PF!!!  Important to post with 3B on Sat at PF.  Don’t miss either if you can help it!

Prayer Requests:   Tickler’s got some big exciting times coming up as a Dad!   Pray for discernment and blessings.

Moleskin:   This was the closest to completing a Q right at the 45min mark that YHC has ever done.   Also, the bearcrawl / plank thang is awful/fantastic, directly plagiarized from a F3Hartsville workout I did earlier this year.   It will come back as a litmus test for myself in 2016.

Just a couple of observations of the PAX.   3B retains status as Olympic bear crawler.   TheTickler is a bit of beast.    LookBelowOut (as he is known now) was tough (impossible) to keep up with.  Puma put in 1000% effort if not more.    I don’t know if there will be an award for this category next year, but I think Short Barrel will be a strong contender for the the JD Power and Associates award for initial quality.   Dude is seriously dedicated right out of the gate.

As always, it was an honor to lead you bunch of weirdos.






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