The Bear pokes back

  • Workout Date - 08/24/2016
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - Jangles, Beanie Weenie, Noonan, Bob Ross, FlowRider, Robbie Benicker(sp?) FNG Partner, Mr Belding, Francis, 12th Man, Dick Trickle, Whittle, Tiny Dancer, Fargo, Keystone, Quickie, Gluten, Clarinet, Youkilis, Bongo, Al Borland, BOGO, Brown Shorts
  • AO -

This is a test to see who reads my Backblast. Only a few of you will do this. Post this Backblast on your wall for one hour or share it on your page. Oh who am I kidding!? I hate reading those posts on Facebook.

I’ll try to remember all the details. If not I’m sure BOGO will let me know I forgot something. No Weinke for me so this is all from memory.

BOGO decided it was a good idea to poke the proverbial bear. His tweet was something similar to whether my bark was worse than my bite. It was hard to understand due to the grammatical errors. Just kidding dude!

We have an FNG so the disclaimer is given. I am definitely not a professional.

A Hurricane Alley record 22 PAX!!

Warm up

SSH, MC, IW all x20 IC

Mosey outside the confines of the gate and over to the long wall of the locker room.

Balls to the wall up and down 5 times. On the last YHC calls 20 hip slappers OYO. Several PAX modified this one. Back to the track.

Bear Snake. PAX form two lines in plank head to foot with enough space to crawl between. PAX at the rear weaves his way through the others like a snake. Each does at least two rounds.

Double Applesauce Indian Run. Two laps. Speak to the ladies as we pass through the aroma of a dead animal.

Line up for Bearpees. 1 Burpee: Bear crawl for 4 seconds (my count). 2 Burpees: 8 count. Up to 7:28. Crowd Pleaser! The bears are restless.

Over to the bleachers. Dips x20 IC. Box jump x 10 OYO. 15 Dips IC. 5 Box jumps. 10 Dips IC.

Sprint up to the top of the bleachers and back down 4 times.

Indian Run the long way bag to the flag.


  • Cross Dolly- Dolly with the arms held out to the side off the ground. 20 IC
  • LBC Flutter- just as it sounds. Very awkward so we stopped at 10 IC.
  • LBC x20 IC
  • Reverse LBC x20 IC
  • Lazy Boy sit-up x10- arms on chest, feet on the ground. Slowly lean back keeping feet on the ground then back up.
  • Peter Parker x20 IC

Finished! Literally…

Observations – Hurricane Alley has taken off thanks in large part to the hard work of FlowRider, 12th Man, and the super recruiter BOGO. Great work fellas.

Brown Shorts


A- Spring water 5k this Saturday. Midnight Flight this Friday. Whittlelope Oct 22 at Paris Mountain. Hyco 5k coming up.

P- Quickie’s sister- cancer. T-Bag’s sister- cancer. F3 GoRuck in Charlotte. Friends of Roid. Dyn-O-mite – young F3 guy struggling with faith questions and life choices.

2 thoughts on “The Bear pokes back”

  1. An excellent re-telling of an awful workout! Personally, I felt like the Lazyboys happened earlier in the Mary, but who cares, right?! I’m going to make it my practice to poke the bear more often. I think my fellow PAX appreciated it 😉

  2. That balls to the walls stuff so early in the morning, then following it with miles of bear walking had me hurting all day.
    Also thanks to BOGO for helping two of us AARPers with the phone apps.

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