The Back Blaster

  • Workout Date - 05/04/2015
  • Q In Charge - Cabin Fever
  • The PAX - Hook and ladder, Boomhauer, Reflector, Inspector Gadget, Slug, Steamer, Seal, Duplo, Keystone, Quaker, Shiner, Brown shorts, Gluten, Gutshot, Underhand, Youkillis, Flow rider, Swift, Tea bag, Cabin fever
  • AO -

20 men showed up to powderKeg this morning, and they thought the Q wasnt going to show but little did they know I was already there setting up for the workout… Slug moseyed the group on over to the side of the church where I was setting some tires up for the workout.. We started with a quick warm-up  of SSH x 30 IC, as I was running a little behind from setting up. After our quick warm up we got right down to business.

The workout Workout

Dora of 50 burpies, 200 Murkins, and 300 single count lunges.  While your partner does the exercise you will flip the tire across the parking lot to the curb (this is roughly 10 flips). Once we finished this we put the tires up and moseyed back to the flag where we did ring of fire with squats. Each person did 10 squats while the rest of the pax stayed in the down position of the squat.. Next we did Geronemos and we finished off the workout with a high count of flutter kicks (50 IC) lead by seal.

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