The Army Ranger physical fitness test-RIP stage

  • Workout Date - 09/01/2016
  • Q In Charge - SEAL
  • The PAX - Mr. Burns, Misty, "Tired" Slug, BOGO, Carl's Jr, Brown Shorts, Steamer, and SEAL
  • AO -

So I made the mistake of announcing my Q for the following day at Powderkeg after posting for a simply stupid nasty beatdown at Hurricane Alley on Wednesday. Thanks T-bag. You killed our chances at getting a good score on my planned workout. In the end, only 8 of us posted for,the first time I know of, that we have tried any type of Army PT test. I know Slug dished out an FBI (or Coast Guard, or maybe it was a Truck Driver’s PT test ??) back while YHC was on IR. Either way, it don’t  count. We are warriors. We test ourselves against other warriors. Nuff said.

Gloom observations: Upon arrival, I drove around the campus to get the actual mileage for the test of 2 miles. 5 laps around the perimeter of parking lot is almost exactly that. But those little hills will kill your times. Glad to see BOGO and Slug. These two are always fun to poke and prod during a workout. Slug can sling a zinger at YHC as fast I dish them out. Bogo is my nemesis. He has just enough cartilage left in his knees to outrun YHC by a frogs hair. Welcome to Misty. Glad you are making our AO your new home. Steamer must have just come off shift. This is gonna be good sleep medicine for him. Brown Shorts, Carl’s jr, and Mr. Burns don’t yet realize what they have been ‘enlisted’ for. But I could not pick a better gang of guys to bring some mumblechatter to one of my workouts. Comments were flying today!

The warm-up:

SSH x20, Windmill (normal speed) x10, and now I impart some wisdom from a fellow Ranger Instructor- the proper hamstring stretch – lock your knees and try to touch your toes for 30 seconds. You should gradually get a little closer to your toes as you hang there. Good stuff. For the record, this works for all stretches.

The US Army Ranger Indoctrination Program Physical Fitness Test (RIP test):

There were two versions of this described to the PAX. Today’s requirements for entry into Ranger school were explained. Then the standards for 1990 were explained (This was the year YHC entered Ranger School).

2016 requirements

49 push-ups in 2:00 minutes

59 sit-ups in 2:00 minutes

6 pull-ups from dead hang

2 mile run in 15:12

1990 requirements

70 push-ups in 2:00 minutes

70 sit-ups in 2:00 minutes

10 pull-ups from dead hang

2 mile run in 14:30

Obviously, the standards have been lowered considerably over the years. No further comment needed from YHC on this forum.

The PAX did well. 3 passed by today’s standards. For the record, there are no concessions made for age in Ranger School. So if your 18 or 40, you still have the same PFT requirements. That being said, none of us passed by 1990 standards. We came very close. But that will only get you another chance to try out the following year in the real world. I’m damn proud of these guys.

So in case you were wondering, the standards for active duty regular Army personnel
(not special ops groups) are on a scale. So there is no real way to post all that information. But here is a sample:

If you are a 40 year old male and want to achieve a score of 100, you must complete the following:

73 push-ups in 2:00 minutes

76 sit-ups in 2:00 minutes

2 mile run in 13:36 minutes

However, for a passing score of 70 in this same age group, you must complete the following:

44 push-ups in 2:00 minutes

48 sit-ups in 2:00 minutes

2 mile run in 17:06 minutes

Everyone one of us passed the standards for our age groups. Good enough for regular duty. Sign us up!


Announcements: October 8th – Whittlelope at Paris Mountain (and RAGNAR, Sorry Whittle, prior commitment)

October 22 – HYCO 5k

Prayers for T-bag and Quickies family

Today was a little bit (nay, a lot) of confession for YHC. I am broken and humbled. I rely heavily upon my brothers in F3 to help me survive the storm I have created. I put it to God to get my family through this turmoil. I thank you brothers, for being my support group. I am also grateful that my sharing has opened the door for fellow brothers to share. It was a powerful COT. So many good things at Powderkeg. So many similar struggles.

Over and Out


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