The ARK LOADER Came to Flo-Town!

  • Workout Date - 07/12/2014
  • Q In Charge - Banjo
  • The PAX - Shatner, Fife, U-Haul, Inspector Gadget, Flanders, Threadcount, Glowstick, Sparkles, Speedwalker, Yogi, Thunderbird, Wilson, Never Ready, Vespa, Milton, Foxy, Freon, Striper, Da Hopper, Banjo, Trey Bishara FNG(Doogie), Chris Brock FNG(3rd Leg), Fransico Sauza FNG(The Worm), George Webster FNG(Spell Check), Gene Grimsley FNG(Super8), Chad Strawn FNG(Mildew), Chris Williams FNG(Paycheck), Jimmy Gardner FNG(Lazy Boy)
  • AO -

28 PAX including 8 FNGs loaded the Ark this morning in Flo-town!  A workout of Biblical Proportions challenged the Pax to tap into their inner BEAST.  Began the workout with many new faces sneaking in and lots of excitement in the gloomy humid air. 

4 count cadence per rep

The Thang: The Ark Loader – Warm Up (The Gathering)

Mosey from parking lot past 3 sets of tennis courts.  At each tennis court, forward run, back peddle, shuffle, karaoke, and then performed again until arriving at starting position.  We then mosey to Da Hopper’s Yard.

  • Barrel of Monkeys – Crazy Jacks – 10 reps
  • Dead Bug – ab workout with same side leg/arm raise at same time then switch – 10 reps
  • Sphinx Merkins – 7 reps
  • Running Flamingo – stand on one leg, bring knee to chest and swing back leg; then switch legs – 7 reps
  • Downward Dog Crunch – 10 reps
  • Lizard Merkins – 7 reps

Mosey to baseball field in right field

Thang 2 – The Ark Loader (The Loading)

  • Marching Ant lunge x 20 yards followed by LPS (Little Piggy Sit-ups) OYO
  • Bear Crawl x 20 yards
  • Backwards Bear Crawl x 20 yards
  • Beast Squats OYO

Mumble chatter

  • Frog Squat/jump x 20 yards
  • Backwards Frog Squat/jump x 20 yards
  • Hummingbird Flutter Kicks OYO

Mumble chatter

  • Big Bunny Hop – Knees together x 20 yards
  • Big Backwards Bunny Hop – Knees together x 20 yards
  • Starfish Squats OYO

More Mumble chatter

  • One legged Bear Crawl (right leg up) x 10 yards
  • One legged Bear Crawl (left leg up) x 10 yards

More Mumble chatter

  • Kung-fu Panda14 (Squat jump with 7 right hand chop, 7 left hand chop)
  • Bear Crawl Karaoke (right) x 20 yards
  • Bear Crawl Karaoke (left) x 20 yards
  • Hummingbird Flutter Kicks

MORE MORE Mumble chatter

  • Crab Walk x 10 yards
  • Backwards Crab Walk x 10 yards
  • Sprint 20 yards then Beast Squats

MORE MORE Mumble chatter

  • Chicken Dance (Crowd Pleaser)
  • One-legged Crab Walk x 10 yards
  • Backwards one-legged Crab Walk x 10 yards
  • LPS

MORE MORE MORE Mumble chatter

  • The Gorilla X 20 yards (Get back on the line U-HAUL)
  •  Starfish Squats

MORE MORE MORE Mumble chatter

  • Crocodile Walk x 20 yards
  • Hummingbird Flutter Kicks
  • Mosey around the baseball field fence

Count off 1,2,1,2,etc

  • Kangaroo Plank Hops done for 2 Rotations

MORE MORE MORE Mumble Chatter

Two lines for Tunnel of Love for 50 yards (Caterpillar to Butterfly = Chrysalis)

Go back to Da Hopper’s Yard

Thang 3 – The Ark Loader (The Partnering)

Count off by 2 and partner up

Decapede walk x 10 yards walk, switch

Mumble Chatter INCREASING

Scorpion x 7 done on a partner. In plank with feet on their back and bring leg under and then place on back and then switch leg.


Leap Frog x 80 yards

Raccoon Nut Crusher Russian Twists – 25 reps

Shatner – closed us out with 25 reps of SSH



  •  Found myself starting The Ark Loader (The Loading) with out a Weinki.  Stinking grassy wet hands hitting delete.  Of course no one knew.  Played it off well with all of the MUMBLE CHATTER!
  • Did I mention mumble chatter?
  • Excited to see all of the FNG’s and PAX encouraging each other as we found ourselves sopping in FLOP SWEAT!
  • Appreciated Inspector Gadget’s insight on what F3 has meant to him and was inspired from his talk.  Thankful for his visit from the Pax in Greenville.


  • Shared weekly workouts, Mud Run signups, change in Coffeteria to Cashua Cafe and prayed.

1 thought on “The ARK LOADER Came to Flo-Town!”

  1. Thanks for the kind words and the great Q, Banjo. It is easy to see why Florence is KILLING IT, right out of the gate. The warm welcome was much appreciated, and made me feel right at home, in my hometown.

    EIGHT FNG’s in one Q is outstanding!! I saw some things I want to take back to Greenville too.

    I can attest that the principles and ideals of F3 are in very capable hands in the Florence region.

    I will be back in town in two weeks for mom’s 87th birthday. I plan to post with you guys again, and hopefully, I won’t have to skip the Coffeeteria.


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