The apple bottom,VS-17 coach's shorts debuts at the keg for JC's VQ

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  • Workout Date - 07/16/2015
  • Q In Charge - June Carter (JC) - VQ
  • The PAX - Stem Cell, Flow Rider, Tiny Dancer, Keystone, Tea Bag, Slug, Duplo, Quickie, Missing, Youkillis, Brown Shorts, Pigmy, Seal, and YHC June Carter
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Take a moment and imagine having to watch your dad run around in these all morning. Nice visual, right? Welcome to life as the son of Seal. Parents embarrass their kids. Whether they mean to or not. But it was pretty blatant that Seal set out to demoralize all the PAX when he wore a pair of bright green, shorty shorts (that probably belonged on a 10 year old) to YHC’s VQ. #showstopper . It did keep the PAX motivated to stay in front of him during the runs #twoapplesonashortstick.


Being an offensive lineman for the Wren Hurricanes, I wanted to share some of the workouts/training we do with the PAX of F3.

Gloom observations: Other than the glow from Seal’s shorts, it was your typical dark, muggy, dog day summer morning. Quickie drives the same type Subarban as Boomhauer. Leaves us guessing every time, til they step out (where were you Boomhauer?). Slug Should stop texting while driving. Maybe then he won’t run that f-250 up someone’s keester #frontenddamagetellsall.


Warm up: 

Quick skip 20 yards,  dash back

Butt kicks 20 yards, dash back

Fairy dusters 20 yards, dash back

C-skips 20 yards, dash back

Back pedal 20 yards, dash back

High knees 20 yards, dash back

The Thang:

Mosey to the wall. Peoples chair 1 minute.

Mosey to picnic shelter.

30 second reps of, Mericans, Diamond Mericans, Plank hold, Ranger Mericans. 10 pull ups. Rinse and repeat. 10 burpee flyover salute.

Mosey to grass lot. Mary in the middle. Makhtar N’Diayes 30 seconds. Hip dips 30 seconds. Plank jacks 30 seconds. Rinse and repeat.

Crab walk 40+ yards and bear crawl back. Mosey around the church and up to the scout shack for blocks. Back to picnic shelter. Curls 30 seconds, dead lift 30 seconds, tricep extensions. Rinse and repeat. Return blocks to stack, but do last set while walking.

Mosey around the front of church and another set of peoples chair for 1 minute this time. Mosey around to the flag. Times up.


Prayers for Seals Step-Dad that has a relative dealing with Burkitt’s lymphoma.

Other prayer’s being heard from 3 of our brothers.

It was a pleasure getting to Q my first workout with these guys and share some of my football training style workout exercises with you. I look forward to my next Q (hopefully Seal will be a little more modest and dress appropriately. Although, he did mention a banana hammock next time??)

June Carter

(Posted by Seal)

Note: The VS-17 is a bright colored military signaling panel made for signaling aircraft from the ground. Seal’s shorts were assumed to be beacons for more flyovers from our boys at Donaldson.





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