The 2016 F3 Swamp Rabbit Turkey Day Convergence

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  • Workout Date - 11/24/2016
  • Q In Charge - Flay
  • The PAX - Any and all PAX, whether local or from out of town. FNGs in the form of idiot cousins, embarrassing uncles, and unworthy in-laws are both welcome and encouraged
  • AO -

The greatest day of the year is upon us, brothers, and it’s time we got together to celebrate. For the 4th straight year, we’re getting all PAX together to give thanks and earn the mountain of calories we will imbibe later in the day.

If you get enough of a beatdown to get rid of some of that aggression before you start talking politics – or, more importantly – football with you family, so much the better.

Here are the details

What: F3 Swamp Rabbit Turkey Day Convergence

Where: Legacy Park (link goes to a google map if you forgot where our beloved original Saturday location is)

When: 0700 on Thanksgiving Day (11/24)

Who: All PAX in the Upstate and any FNGs you can find

How: By land, sea, air, etc

Why: Give thanks. Get some 2nd F in before the horrors of family take over.

ADDED GHOSTFLAG BONUS: the #Ra**itsInParis, having grabbed the Ghostflag from the Powderkeg back in the spring with zero attempts from anybody to steal it back, have decided to put it up for grabs. Whatever AO shows up in greatest numbers, will take the Ghostflag home. My money’s on the Pitchfork weirdos, but what do I know.


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