That's not the zoo you smell, ITS THE DEUCEABLE!!!

  • Workout Date - 12/18/2015
  • Q In Charge - The Cruce Poose
  • The PAX - Nature Boy, Mr. Winslow, FNG Blue Hawaii (Millimeter), Wilson, Phil Dunphey, Montross, AFLAC, Double Aught, Sushi, The Hard Hat, Double Windsor, FNG WEE MAN (Patrick Lee), Ice Man, Weed Wacker, NSA, FNG San Diago (Keanu Sleeves), Blades, Punchout, Kotter, Amelia, Bartman, Domer, Mega, Houdini, FNG Hootie (Daryl Hall)
  • AO -

25 South Carolinian deucers particitainted in what we hope will become a Friday-before-Christmas tradition.  NatureBoy screeched through the parking lot like his nuts were on fire and we ignited the inaugural DEUCEABLE FLAME BABY!!!!

Gloom Observations – #Kotters to ALOHA – for those who didn’t notice he was posted up in the bamboo sitting on his magical Unicorn motorboating an entire bag of Cheetos #MaddenCurse, Iceman is a Strawberry Mocha Frap (extra cream) person, NSA and Blue meet in an old shack and take pictures of each other with the Shake Weight #chinmusic, San Diago got stood up and cried in the car, Holla is credited with naming the Deuce and sacked, Slim ZC’d, Winslow’s love life is like a Popeye’s Drive-thru,  Double Aught didn’t think this was hard enough so I challenged him to carry his fancy brick during the race #NotAccepted, no matter how much intel you send out prior to an event YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE BISCUITSNIFFERS ASKING FOR INSTRUCTIONS WHEN ITS TAINT FOR WHEELSUP

Warm up:
Your head is shaped like a Penis

The Taint:

Mile 1 (Bottom of Washington walking up) LUNGE WALK SINGLE COUNT X100

Mile 2 (Mcbee & Main / Ale House) LBCs X200

Mile 3 (Ridgeland & Cleveland) PattyCake Merkins X40 

Mile 4 (Cleveland & Boxwood / Methodist Church) FAIRYJACKS X80

Mile 5 (Start of Woodland) Flutters X200

Mile 6 (Bars across from parking lot) Pull-ups X30

It came down to the last mile, but Blades and Mega squeezed out a massive Deuce performance and will host the Golden Rim for the next 364 days (thanks Caliendo).  Super job by the entire PAX, showing up extra early to manhandle a giant Duece session that came together nicely.  Thanks to Hootie getting the shirts done, to Nature for being a great sport, to Blue for his patience during COT & to Amelia for the never-ending questions.  Until next year, the Deuceable waits for no one…

Naked Moleskin:

 -Next Wednesday the 23rd at Gideon’s for a pump and breakfast – come get it

-Christmas Eve Tommy’s Ham House 5K, bring a Chode of Goods

-Prayer for Keanu Sleeves with his baby on the way

-Drifter coming up, wait on the special chode for the discount

-Coming in April, Tim Wiles (F3 Take The Stairs) is putting on Mud Run to support Vets in Seneca



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