That’s no moon, that’s the Chinese Space Station!!!

  • Workout Date - 04/02/2018
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - DuPlo, Carl's Jr, Tiny Dancer, Keystone, Quickie, Quaker, EBAD, Boomhauer, Gluten, Brown Shorts
  • AO - Powder Keg

I struggled to get out of bed this morning but always glad I did. The brothers pushed me through the pain. My voice is raspy and sometimes non-existent but still more manly than Tiny Dancer. LOL.

There is more traffic than normal in our parking lot. Apparently the Marathon youth are going on trip. Prayers for their safety. We had some funny stares as we began. Come join us!

Carl’s Jr is obsessed with this Chinese Space Station. The discussion continues throughout the workout.

Warm up

SSH, Windmill (slow), Monkey humpers for our friends on the bus, Mountain Climbers

Mosey to the dark corner to avoid the unexpected traffic.

Flutters x15 IC, Squats x15 IC, 10 ‘Mericans. Rinse and repeat a second circuit.

Mosey to Carl’s Jr corner. No burp and Merc, sorry!

Dolly x15 IC, lunges x15 DC, 10 Werkins. Rinse and repeat the circuit.

Mosey to basketball ball court bleechers.

Dips x15 IC, LBC x15 IC, Step ups x10 DC. Rinse and repeat the circuit.

Mosey to the block pile.

Curls x15 oyo, block squats x15 oyo, flutters with block overhead x15 IC. Rinse and repeat circuit.

Mosey to bottom of the stairs.

Reverse LBC x15 IC, Pistol squats ( feet together) x15 IC, Flyover (10 Burpees), Joe Hendricks one level. Bearcrawl to next level. Rinse and repeat circuit. Bearcrawl to next level.

The clock is now our enemy. We Dodge the cars and the bus on our way back to the flag.

Hip Dips x15 IC, Parker Peter x15 IC

Times up!

Observations- We never saw the Chinese Space Station as it crashed to the Earth. It’s much more fun when the PAX stay together. My voice got stronger as the morning progressed.

A- April 14 Seneca Expansion, Shaver(sp?) Complex. Speed for Need in the works for October.

P- Quickie and T-Bag’s sisters battling cancer. Keystone’s family. Boomhauer’s family. All those we come in contact with that are lost or broken. As always we pray for families.

Always a pleasure!

Brown Shorts


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