That Escalated Quickly!

  • Workout Date - 03/10/2016
  • Q In Charge - Quickie
  • The PAX - Brown shorts, T-bag,Inspector Gadget,Carls Jr,Red wire,Keystone,Taylor Swift, Tiny dancer,Slug,Missing,Clapper,Blue Hen,June Carter, Seal,Padre,Whoopie,Gage, Boomhauer,Semi Sweet,Quaker,FNG Newman(Jeff Dixon)
  • AO -
March 10 last year was my first post with F3 at SOS but with my schedule I decided to bless Powderkeg with my anniversary Q so it went down like this
SSH X 20

MC X 20

Monkey Humpers X 20

The Thang

Double applesauce Indian run around the AO and to the bottom of the parking lot to start the Escalater

10 Hand Release Merkins run to the top of the hill

10, 20 Squats back to the bottom

10,20,30 LBCs to the top

10,20,30,40 Plank Shoulder Touches to the bottom

10,20,30,40,50 Arm Raises to the top

10,20,30,40,50,60 Calf raises to the bottom

What goes up must come down! Back down to 10 Merkins! Plank until the 6 gets done. Mosey up to the blockpile for a few curls. 10 full curls and hold the block above your head. 9 curls then over your head 8 curls you get the picture! Down to one… Jail break to the flag! We didn’t have time for Mary!


Prayers for Walker Phillips,Noah Vulmar, Slugs friend with cancer,T bags daughter and all involved with the wreck that took 3 young lives

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