Thanksgiving Payback

  • Workout Date - 11/28/2015
  • Q In Charge - Youkilis
  • The PAX - Duplo, Flow Rider, 12th Man (FNG), Honey Do (Columbia), Youkilis(YHC)
  • AO -

Observations:  Absolutely amazing gloom, 48 degrees F, no rain, and just before another beautiful sunrise.

Side note: The left-overs were fighting back so, YHC planted the flag, sped off to Dodges, used the facilities, hurried back and made it in back just in time to put on some gloves and let the pax know that if the Q peels off into the woods, don’t follow!

The Warm Up:

SHH x 25 IC, IW x 20 IC, Hill Billys x 20 IC, MC x 15 IC, ‘merkins x 15 IC, Mosey round the parking lot and back to the flag

The Thang:

Burpees x 10 OYO, Grab a weight and single arm curls x 15 each arm, still have the weights so a single arm bent over row x 15 each arm.  Ok change of scenery, mosey around the block to do some window shopping  since it is still close to Black Friday then over to the bar for 25 chest to bars and 10 burpees (a few extra for our Larry Bird (Honey  Do), burpees don’t slow him down.  Back to moseying to the stadium, after a complaint about the mosey speed YHC found a parking lot – looks like a great place to group back up and get some abs in, 25 lbc’s then back to moseying, not stopping until we get to the bottom of the bleachers.  Next, stadium sprint to the top:  nice chance let the PAX pick their poison, Flow Rider opted for 20 x Squats (Great, burn the legs out before we run back down the steps).  Careful, steps back to the bottom, Duplo wanted 15 toothpicks (incline ‘merkin teeth to the concrete bleacher).  About this time Flow Rider thought it would be a good idea to spout off “Yeah like the Tiger will be doing today at the game”.  Really bad idea when the next PAX is from Columbia.  So Honey Do calls his exercise out, 15 x Bull Dog ‘Merks (Feet on the knee high bleacher in a squat, then extend the legs and decline ‘merkin then back to the squatting start) with the disclaimer: You’ll start to feel it around 10, that was a lie.  Number 5, I was thinking why doesn’t he like us, YHC’s a friendly guy, it was Flow Rider with the smart mouth!  Ok done, not making the mistake of asking Honey Do for another exercise.  Back to the top and Flow Rider picks the legs again, and this time he decides since we are out in the open, it is time to show Easley our best side, 20 x Monkey Humpers.  Ok the pax are apparently angry at YHC for some reason so no more people’s choice.

Serpentine up and down the little steps from one side of the stadium to the other, plank till the six catches the group.  Oh look an open gate, let’s see what toys there are to play with, there is a big tractor tire, let’s flip it.  So we did a reverse Indian run, where the lead flipped the tire three times then ran to the back, then the next person started flipping, but while the lead is flipping,  we were following, lunge walk style.  Yes, YHC got called out for going sideline to sideline instead of end zone to end zone, thanks Honey Do/Beast Mode, but what he didn’t realize was that YHC knew that way was shorter.

Next mosey to the visitor’s side for some more steps, small loop and back for 10 x Burpees.  Getting tired so let’s do some more steps and this time the big loop.  Starting to get low on time so, mosey back to the flag, but all of these parking lots along the way.  First parking lot let’s do Flutters x 15 IC, next parking lot we found a wall, ripe for Man Ups x 10 then LBC’s x10, repeato for reps 9 and 8.  6 minutes to go so we have to stop and get back to the flag.

Circle up and since Gluten is celebrating his 55th birthday at the #PowderKeg we decide to make sure we got in 55 burpees as a salute, so 10 x burpees, Flutters x 15 IC, slow cadence Air Humpers, and 5 more perfect form burpees to finish off the workout.

A -Christmas Party’s 12/12 Swamp Rabbit, 12/5 Anderson

Dream Center Run 12/12 ($5 off if you register before 12/1)

P- Safe Travels

Oh no here comes the train – oh well we are out of time, no salute today.

As always it was a pleasure Men!

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