Thanks for taking care of our Ghost Flag

  • Workout Date - 07/14/2015
  • Q In Charge - Sushi
  • The PAX - Brown Shorts, Sadiq, Quickie, Soccer Mom, Soft Serve, Steamer, Hook'n'Ladder, Slug, Duplo, Third Base, Macho Man, T-Bag, Sushi (YHC)
  • AO -

After a long time away from home, the PAX at T.O.T. decided it was time to go get our prodigal son…aka Ghost Flag.  As each week passed, I could see tears in Sadiq’s eyes as there were not phone calls, letters, or emails just to let him know his creation was OK.  Sure, there was the occasional Tweet, letting him know it had moved to another location, but it was just not the same as having it planted at T.O.T.  It became obvious it would not make it home on it’s own.  13 PAX doubled the average attendance at S.O.S. for the next stop on the Tour DeUpstate with the mission of re-uniting Sadiq with his creation, but before the Ghost Flag would be permitted to leave, there was some work to be done!


Climb the ladder X 20 – Run to the tennis courts and back.  I.W. X 20 – Run to the tennis courts and back.

The Thang:

Horse Riding Stance Punches X 120

Front Rising Kicks – Right Leg X 30, Left Leg X 30

Closing Kicks Right Leg X 15, Left Leg X 15

Ralph Machio’s Karate Kid – Right Leg X 48, Left Leg X 48

Off to the 20 Yard Cones.  Start – 10 real Mountain Climbers, Bear Crawl to cone 2, 10 Merkins, Duck Walk to Cone 3, 10 Lunges, Crab walk to cone 4, 10 Crab Crunches, Run back to start (not Mosey), Planks until all are back.  Repeato 3X

Lap around the park and back to cones for some Jumping.  But first…10 Burpees.  Start – Right leg hop to cone 2, left leg hop to cone 3, Run back to cone 2, Squat Broad Jumps to cone 1 (no bunny hops…sorry Swamp Rabbits).  Repeat 3X

Lap around another section of the park in which the S.O.S. boys were proud to show off their tank.  I see a tank swap workout in the near future with the boys from Tankyard…Reality show??? maybe.

To the picnic area and grab a spot on a bench.  10X dips, run to the park entrance, 10X air Press Squats, Run back to benches.  AMRAP until the Reggae music was over (about 8 min)

Mary – Hello Dolly, Freddie Mercury, The Twist (American Hammer), Oblique V-ups and Shamrocks

Announcements and Prayer Requests: Doodle Trail Race the 18th, F3 Dads also the 18th 8:00 Anderson, F3 Dads Camping trip in August, Greenwood F3 Dads on Friday, Prayers for Hook N Ladders trip to Nowhere Wisconsin.

Moleskin: Thanks to Macho Man, Soft Serve, Third Base, Sadiq, and Soccer Mom for making the trip to bring the Ghost Flag home.  Also the PowderKeg Boys for supporting this A.O.  We need to put the word out for this location.  It is closer than you think and there is plenty to do there…Bridges, Tanks, Trails.  It is well lit and there is plenty of parking.  Ultimate thanks for the S.O.S. group for their hospitality…YHC will return to be part of a local lead workout!

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