• Workout Date - 06/15/2021
  • Q In Charge - Youkilis
  • The PAX - Simi-Sweet, Seal, Bobblehead, Keystone, Broccoli, Quaker, Boomhauer, Winey Daniela, Meme, Duplo, Frostbite/Shrinkage, Paula Dean, and Thumbelina
  • AO - Powder Keg

Observations: High 60’s not too humid and just another beautiful morning in the Gloom.

The Warm Up: SSH 20 IC, Imperial Walker 20 IC, Mountain Climbers 20 IC, and 10 ‘Mericans IC

The Thang: Mosey around the parking lot and then line up on the cross walk to loosen the hammies by some calisthenics. Tennessee walkers, high knees, fast feet, and a lunge, now we are loose so we can mosey to the corner of the church for a foot race 2 by 2. The winners have 10 SSH and 2nd place finishers get 10 burpees. The winning group goes back down to the start and has a second heat and then rinse and repeat for the final four. From that we found out that Frostbite/Shrinkage is our speedster!

Mosey down to the dark corner for a Dora with 50 bottle lifts, 100 ‘Merkins, 200 Jump Ropes, and 300 one two punches. Those that finished first picked up reps so that we can all get finished by 0613 so we had time to mosey up to the flag and hold plank till time expired.

A: See Seal about that thing that Bobblehead is doing, but Seal took credit for.

A: Bareback to still give details about the start point for the ruck this Saturday, June 19th at 1500

A: Saturday, June 19, 0800 at Lakeside park – Family friendly bike ride and then a trail clean up

P: Keystones wife’s friend has a marriage that is struggling right now

P: Ryan Soukup lost his wife due to a bicycle accident on the Swamp Rabbit Trail

P: Quakers mom is back home and breathing better

P: Trunk Monkey is starting to exercise

P: Boomhauer’s friend is feeling discouraged at some decisions they made

P: Duplo’s niece just found out that she has Thyroid Cancer and just recently had a baby

Word: Thankful – I just wanted to express how thankful I am for the support that these men show each other when one of them is down. I will forever be changed!

As always it was a pleasure to lead you men! SYITG