Tennis, anyone?

  • Workout Date - 10/04/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

15 PAX (3 FNGs) suited up in the ever darker and cooler Gloom at the Tankyard for another #smokefest from Flay.

Warm up

SSH x 25

SLOW LBCs x 20

SLOW Werkin x 15

The Thang

Split up and mosey to the swingsets

Swerkin (swingset merkin w/ feet in the swing) w/ Pike x 10 #didwejustcomeupwithanewexercise?

Alternating Pull-ups 30 sec (modify to negative if needed) #lotsofmodifying

Mosey to the Tennis Courts and plank up till everybody’s back

Pair off

Star Drill (One partner runs while the other partner does an exercise AMRAP concentrating on form. Flapjack, rinse and repeat until each partner has run 5x and completed all 5 exercises). Oh, and this is what a star drill looks like (we did it a little faster).





Russian twist

Plank up till everybody’s done


Wheelbarrow Race

Stay in pairs, across all 5 tennis courts, partners switch and all the way back #crowdpleaser

Plank up till everybody’s done

Lunge walks.

OYO. Only 3 courts out and back #Qdecidedtobenice

LBC’s till everybody’s done

Circle up.


V-UPs x10 #crowdpleaser

Backscratchers x 20 #shutupSnowden

Dead cockroaches x 20

Windshield Wipers



  • YHC was happy to dust off a golden oldie with the star drill from his tennis days
  • T.B.C. better be careful with the grunting on the tennis courts. Might end up with a new name #MonicaSeles
  • 10.24 is the big day for Dine Out For Mom. More details on where the PAX will converge are coming
  • We lifted up FNG Semper’s grandfather who had surgery yesterday. Here’s to a speedy recovery
  • We lifted up T.B.C. as well, who has a big Friday coming
  • We at the Tankyard have a goal of 1 VQ/week for the coming weeks. Papparazzki’s tentatively in for next Tuesday, but it’s time to step up. Ping Flay or T.B.C. if you’re interested. We’ll help you put something together if you need.

7 thoughts on “Tennis, anyone?”

  1. That starfish thingy sound like a keeper.

    @Flay – Just curious, did you don the headband for this mornings workout? @Malko would probably carry an F3 version in the Gear store, if you asked nicely.

  2. @Flay – Thanks, I’ll be stealing the Star Drill for upcoming Q. BTW, workout plagiarism is the ultimate Q compliment. Swerkin? Seen before, but not named, well played.

    @Snowden is a pimp #justafact

    1. Aye, I consider it a honor. Steal away!

      I’ve known @Snowden long enough to know he’s not only a pimp, but a loudmouthed one at that. He was just trying to keep me honest with his own special form of #mumblechatter…

      1. Agreed on the @Snowden comments, I’ve known him since about 1984 (maybe earlier), but only recently realized he was F3ing. Give him a hard time about missing our recent 20 year high school reunion #GoGreenWave

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