• Workout Date - 06/09/2016
  • Q In Charge - Grrr
  • The PAX - NoBars, BioFreeze, Wally, ITunes, Almond Joy, Bob Barker, Blue Hawaii, NSA, Cockroach, Compass, Bikini, Sega, Carcass, Sheldon, Highwayman, FNG Jake- Howard the Duck, & Grrr
  • AO -

YHC will turn 36 tomorrow so I wanted to celebrate my B-Day the best way I knew how; #beatdown #snotwoggler.
I planned to rip a workout from my buddy Stones down in @F3Bluffton, thank you sir, when Cockroach went to #chirping on The Twitter. Jokes of Grrr turning 50 were appreciated and plans of Block DORA 1000 changed oh slightly. Named after one of my favorite beers, the workout TenFidy was born. Enjoy!

Warm Up
SSH X 20
IW X 20
Blue Hawaii already getting on PAX nerves #mumblechatter. NSA overheard saying “Grrr, can you make him shut up now?”
Let’s Mosey. Stop at edge of park on Jason St.

Lt. Dan up to 5 Squats/20 Lunges
Double Applesauce Indian Run to end of Jason St.
Mosey to Church & Brick pile. Partner Up

1050 Block Dora- While 1 partner does exercise, 2nd partner runs to end of parking lot and backpedals back #FUN
Man Makers X 50 #crowdpleaser
Derkins X 100
Squats X 200
Curls X 300
Flutters X 400

Plank-o-Rama & Varied Six Inches Exercises to wait on six
T-claps to the team of BioFreeze & No Bars for finishing first #beastmode
Return Bricks & Let’s Mosey
Double Applesauce Indian Run down 14, turn on E. Arlington, turn on Canon St.
Huddle up in Cannon Center Parking Lot, we still have 5 minutes

Suicides- The BearDuck Suicide
Bear Crawl 2 parking spaces & Duck Walk back- 5 rounds to complete 10 parking spots

Billy Idols X 10 IC

FNG Jake joined us this morning. Welcome! He just graduated and will be attending Clemson in fall. He loves to duck hunt. Howards Rock and duck hunting put together, we now have Howard the Duck. You’re welcome.
I love the way our PAX continues to grow. T-claps to our younger guys recruiting FNG’s. We hope to be #problematic soon.
Dirtalope this Saturday
2nd F next Wed. June 15th @ Southern Growl 5:30

Good work Men! #ISI

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