Team 6 SOG (Stations Of Groaning)

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  • Workout Date - 01/05/2015
  • Q In Charge - Seal
  • The PAX - Brown Shorts, Gluten (WD), Keystone, Crunchy, Reeses Pieces (WB), Joel (FNG)- Tea Bag, Overdraft, Slug, Domer Simpson, Youkillis, Swift, Seal-Q
  • AO -


12 hardcore PAX resisted the urge to stay warm in the #fartsack and arose to the challenge at #Powderkeg for another #Beatdown courtesy of YHC. Some saw the glow of chemlights at various places in the parking lot as they rolled in. What has Seal cooked up this time? Hmm. Sunday was a slow day at work. So I had lots of time to get creative.


SSH x25 IC

Imperial Walker x20 IC

Windmills ????  x20 IC  I say there’s no school like ‘old school’

The Pain Thang

Count off to 7. Repeat. Remember your number, knuckleheads.

At 6 strategic locations throughout the parking lot, there is a chemlight and placard with an exercise on it. Perform that exercise until relieved by the man/men from the station before you, in relay form. So that’s why you need 7 PAX to run 6 stations! There is always someone running to the next station.

Station 1: Burpees   #crowdpleaser

Station 2: LBCs

Station 3: Mountain Climber (ZERO #mumblechatter from this station)

Station 4: Flutter kicks

Station 5: Merkins  (@Brown Shorts accuses YHC of ‘half-merkins’! )

Station 6: Lunges

40 minute countdown- 2 full circuits complete as time expired. Rally to the SF!


Boxcutters (Thanks @Brown Shorts for getting the direction called) x20  IC

Mountain climbers   x15  IC

Makhtar N’Diayes   x15 IC  (LOTS of #mumblechatter on this one!! Ouch!)

Brief demo of Ranger Merkins – PAX inaccurately mimic YHC as #humpingasphault  (Incognitian – Look it up in the Lexicon)



Anderson – Haven of Rest ‘The Farm’; new workout launch on Mondays, Powderkeg will send a team for launch. Next Monday, I need a few #Powderkeggers to meet me at Marathon at 0500 hrs to carpool there. Contact me through Twitter @F3_Seal or Text me at 864-907-6295 with an HC.

Schedule for workouts in area discussed.

Prayers – to Keystone’s little guy Noah’s successful procedure. Also, an epidemic Flu season is upon us! Pray for families with flu and those without to stay that way.

FNG Joel – aptly named Tea Bag. (Blame @Slug!)

Big thanks to the men of Camelot (Overdraft and Crunchy) for coming out today and adding to our Team.



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