Te hll u ride on the Hurricane Train

  • Workout Date - 11/14/2016
  • Q In Charge - Fargo
  • The PAX - Quaker, Beanie Weeny, BOGO, Al Borland, Negative, Frosty, Abacus, Whittle, 12th Man, Waterboy, Partner, Mr Belding, Francis
  • AO -

The Alley was earily lit by the super-moon that cold morning. 14 pax arrived in the gloom. The train was at the first station.

Warm up station



Imperial walkers

Mountain climbers

The Thang

Off to the first pain station. Out of the Alley and down the road to the high school. As the first PAX arrived we started AMRAP merkins. This continued until the Q anounced it was time for the train to leave. There were 5 more stops on the rout with lbcs, burpies, dips, quadriphelia, and Joe Hendrix. Then a final jail break back to the flag.

Still a little time for Mary.


Negative’s mom with early onset alzeimers

T-Bag’s sister undergoing surgery

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