Tarzan's blueberry mile

  • Workout Date - 02/25/2016
  • Q In Charge - ATM
  • The PAX - Squid, Tedediah, Name Your Own Price Tool, Lite Brite, Puma, Soccer Mom, Third Base, Bambi, FNG Pet Stain, Ponch, Floppy Disc, Look Out Below, Whisper (respect!), Gymboree (respect!), Sammy, Easy Bake, Barney, Short Barrel, ATM (YHC)
  • AO -

19…yes 19 pax with 1 FNG circled up at the Tower of Terror on a nice Thursday morning to see what YHC had in store.  Some guessing on the Tweeter as to what the picture of Tarzan could mean, but YHC is fairly certain that no pax imagined THIS!  5 pax for the pre-ruck.  Tclaps to @LookOutBelow, @ThirdBase, @ShortBarrel, and @LiteBrite for dancing with YHC and Mary Kate in the pale moonlight this am.  Only 4 other pax when we arrived back at the AO, but they started arriving by the truckload and finally 19 circled up.

Disclaimer, Mission of F3, and other welcoming for our FNG Seth.

Warm up – SSH x 31 IC, HB x 20 IC, Monkey Humpers x 15 IC, Mountain Climbers x 15 IC.

Mosey to corner #1 of our big block at #TOT.  One lap around the big Simpsonville City block is about .3 miles.  As YHC announced the workout, it seemed simple enough.  3 laps around the block with 5 burpees at each corner.  So, about a mile and 60 burpees…no problem, right?!  One final thing, every movement between corners must be an animal movement.  Examples given before we started included Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Inch Worm, Frog Leap, Bunny Hop, Duck Walk.

Ready?  GO!  3 laps and 60 burpees never seemed so hard!

Mary – LBCs x 25 IC, Tempo LBCs x 15 IC, Rosie (fast) x 20 IC.  Done!

Annc – GHS 5k and Half this weekend for Whisper and Soccer Mom among others.  4/30 mud run in Columbia – talk to @ThirdBase.

Prayers/Praise – Tom Bates’ daughter death, Beth (chemo).

NMM – Overhead #mumblechatter included “Why do you hate us?”  “Where do you come up with this demented stuff?”  “Complete and utter suckfest”  All taken as compliments by YHC.  Most pax tried bear crawling, duck walking, and bunny hopping as transitions.  Also seen – horse trots, limping, crying, and just plain hunched-over walking.  TClaps to all for the great effort, and especially to @Barney who was a rabbit.

Welcome to FNG Seth Hook, f/k/a @PetStain.  Owner of Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning.

YHC is proud to say that the kryptonite was finally discovered for both @Tedediah and @SoccerMom as this workout proved they were both human.  That took a while to find, boys!

Personal note from YHC – received the results from my physical on Tuesday after the workout this morning.  All the important bloodwork numbers improved, including some YHC was a little concerned about a year ago.  Weight was down and muscle was up.  Thank each of you weirdos for the push every day.  I appreciate you.


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