Tankyard Suicides

  • Workout Date - 05/24/2016
  • Q In Charge - AFLAC
  • The PAX - Underwood, Creeper, Foie Gras, Homeward Bound, Rusty, Clapper, M&M, Montross, White Walker, AFLAC (QIC)
  • AO -

10 PAX rolled out of bed on a perfect morning. YHC has been absent the past couple weeks with travel, so it was time to shake the rust off. Plus it was YHC’s 8 yr wedding anniversary, so everyone must pay…


Indian run out of the TY, around the softball fields, and back into the tennis courts.

PAX #’ed off in 1’s and 2’s. 1’s on one side of the courts, 2’s on the other, and the teams raced each other. We are blessed with 5 tennis courts at the TY, so;
Court 1: 10 Burpees – followed by sprint all the way to the end, then all the way back, and then to court 2
Court 2: 20 Merkins – sprint to the end, sprint all the way back, then to court 3
Court 3: 30 Dbl Count Flutters – repeat sprint
Court 4: 40 Squats – repeat sprint
Court 5: 50 LBC’s – repeat sprint
Court 4: 40 Squats – repeat sprint
Court 3: 30 Dblcount flutters – repeat sprint
Court 2: 20 Merkins – repeat sprint
Court 1: 10 Burpees – last sprint (MT challenged YHC to all-out sprint to finish…..thanks for the push)

Everyone was gassed after that one. So after a very breathy 20 count, we mosey to the basketball court.
Objective here was to go baseline to baseline and back in a number of ways:
RD 1: easy jog (catch our breath)
RD 2: lunge walk
RD 3: Bear crawl (starting to hurt…)
RD 4: Crab Walk (YHC audibles and we duck walk back…)
RD 5: Frog Jump

Gassed…again. So, we mosey to the playground. PAX loosely reassembles back into teams 1 and 2. Team 1 starts on pullups, team 2 starts on dips. Everyone completes 5 rounds, consisting of 5 pullups and 10 dips.

PAX Indian run through the rest of the park, back to the tennis courts for Mary:
PAX circles up, everyone holds plank while one PAX completes 5 MAKHTARS (crowd pleaser) and then rotates to next PAX. Smoked!
Snow AngelsX20
Dbl Count Flutters X8

Thats all folks. The last was an homage to my beautiful wife of 8 years. Everybody absolutely got after it this morning. YHC was glad to be back at it. Great to meet Creeper, all the way from Davidson, come back anytime brother.

Prayers for Underwoods grandfather, as he and his family have had a rough couple years. Sounds like things are on the upswing though with some therapy, prayers it continues that wa. Prayers for Clappers grandmother, as she fights her way back to some independence after a fall.

Praise to Foie Gras, just passed his rookie certification, he is now a full time member of the fire department. He’s going to be out there practicing and living what we discuss everyday, putting himself on the line for the sake of others. Prayers that he stays safe.

See you all soon

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